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Mike Tyson Says Cannabis Has Made Him a Better Person

Former undisputed boxing heavyweight champion of the world turned cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Mike Tyson told Cannabis & Tech Today in an exclusive interview that cannabis has undoubtedly had a positive effect on him in his personal life. 

“You can ask my wife and kids five years ago how I was, and you can ask them now,” said Tyson. “They didn’t like me five years ago. My family did not like me. You know what that feeling’s like, your kids not liking you saying hello and good morning in the morning? And by me using cannabis to stop the hardcore stuff, I have a relationship with my children and family now. My kids used to see me and leave the house. When I came home, my wife and kids left the house, even the cleaning people.”

According to Tyson, the plant has the ability to bring people with even the most hardened hearts to a more peaceful state of mind. 

“Marijuana’s only going to make you love somebody. You could be in the room where a couple of gang members who don’t know each other. If you give them some liquor and cocaine, they’re going to kill each other. You give them some cannabis, they going to start taking selfies and shit.”

Still the Baddest Man on the Planet

It looks like the calming effects of cannabis still have their limits when it comes to the baddest man on the planet, however. 

The champ wasn’t showing any love to Andrew Golata when he forced the Polish heavyweight contender into submission after only two rounds into the bout. 

His opponent had suffered a broken cheekbone, concussion and a neck injury, according to the Sun

What was not known at the time is Tyson was stoned during the fight. 

“The best fight I ever had I was on cannabis,” said Tyson. “I had a fight with this guy named Andrew Golota, out of Poland, and he was strong and tough. He gave my friend, Riddick Bowe some problems because blood was leaking out of his brain. But me and him fight, that was the best fight I had, I was on cannabis. I got fined $300,000 for that fight too because I was on fucking cannabis!”

B-Real, vocalist for Cypress Hill told Joe Rogan Tyson “cheated” his drugs test by using a synthetic urine machine called the Whizzinator.

Tyson believes cannabis should not be a banned substance in boxing or any sport but warned that for some, it can be a performance-enhancing drug.  

“I was smoking cannabis right before the fight, and I fucking crushed this guy. He should have gave me money for… It was an enhancer; I couldn’t feel the punches,” he said.

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