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Josie Maran Discusses the Benefits of CBD & Hemp in Skincare

Over the past few years, CBD has gone from a relatively obscure substance to a well-known asset, being incorporated into everything from soap and coffee to medications and even desserts. With more and more types of products incorporating CBD, its many benefits are becoming more accepted within the general public. This is something Josie Maran had in mind when she released her newest line of CBD products.

An experienced model and entrepreneur, Maran has built up quite the resume over the years, modelling for Sports Illustrated, Maybelline, and American Eagle. Eventually, her experience in the industry developed into her founding of Josie Maran Cosmetics, a skincare and cosmetics line with a dedication to environmentalism and social responsibility.

2019 saw the introduction of Skin Dope, a new line of oils incorporating hemp seed and CBD for aging and stressed skin, respectively. We spoke with Maran about her decision to incorporate these substances into her business, future plans for Josie Maran Cosmetics, and why she is dedicated to inspiring positive social change.

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Cannabis & Tech Today: What initially motivated you to incorporate CBD and hemp into your skincare products?

Josie Maran: I’m a California girl from NorCal – home to Humboldt County, Haight-Ashbury, and Silicon Valley. We’re a tribe of rebels, hippies, and innovators. So, as hemp legalization was finally taking off, I got my product development team together with an organic farm up north to work on CBD and hemp seed formulas paired with Argan Oil – the core ingredient of my entire line. We first came up with a 50/50 mix and our Skin Dope line was born. Like all my products, nothing but pure. All natural. No chemicals.

C&T Today: What are some of the benefits of utilizing these substances in skincare?

Josie Maran: Hemp seed is packed with protein. And Argan oil, also known as Liquid Gold, is nature’s richest form of fatty acids. Blended together they brighten, plump, and rejuvenate your skin like nothing else. With a CBD and Argan blend, we’re summoning the cannabinoid system and enriching it with omega-3, 6, and 9. It plumps, hydrates, soothes, and heals.

C&T Today: Have you run into any legal issues with the Skin Dope line?

Josie Maran: We’ve been ready and waiting with our Skin Dope launch for a while. When the [2018] Farm Bill finally passed, we moved forward. We work with national distributors like Sephora, Amazon, Free People, Derm Store, and QVC. Every channel needed that federal legal cover before proceeding. We also make it clear on messaging and packaging that all our Skin Dope products are non-psychoactive, which makes it an easier and safer entry point.

C&T Today: Are you looking to feature more CBD- and hemp-related products in the future?

Josie Maran: I started dreaming of creating a natural cosmetics and skincare line over a decade ago when I was the face of Maybelline and on the covers of Sports Illustrated. I knew I could be successful. If I was looking for healthy natural products, others must be too. I just needed to figure out how to pioneer natural formulas in a world where they weren’t made yet. Argan Oil became my pillar for everything, and it was a revolution in the industry. Now with Skin Dope being possible and instantly so successful, we’re following a strategic role out of new formulas for specific benefits. We have super cool things planned right through 2023 and are very proud members of the next historic steps in the hemp revolution.

C&T Today: Why do you believe some consumers would be drawn to hemp- and CBD-infused skincare products?

Josie Maran: For the same reasons hemp is being legalized across the nation; everyone knows that there are so many applications and benefits to this wonder crop. Skincare is just one vehicle for us all to harness it in.

C&T Today: On the other hand, why do you believe some potential users would stray away from such products?

Josie Maran: In a few years, the fear and stigma of hemp products will be ancient history. Let’s all just focus on making great hemp products responsibly, and leading the future of humanity through building socially conscious brands and companies that make products which are good for us and our planet.

C&T Today: Your company spreads the message of responsibility and positive social change. Why is that so necessary in the beauty industry?

Josie Maran: Planet earth and our human family are in uncharted territory. Global warming is real, billions of people are living and dying in extreme poverty, and our global economy, which allows me to source ingredients and sell products all around the world, is hardly benefiting as many societies as our leaders promised us it would. Knowing all that, who wouldn’t feel an urgent moral duty to make a positive impact and change in every single thing you do?

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