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Infuse Pre-Rolls Like a Mastermind: Unlock the Secrets of the Astro Infuser

Watch the interview below as STM Canna CEO Jason Dueweke introduces STM’s latest innovation: the Astro Infuser. Infusing pre-rolls with distillate at high speeds never seen before, the Astro Infuser is part of STM’s famous One-Tray Workflow, a unique system of completely modular machines designed to streamline the pre-roll manufacturing process.

This latest innovation is revolutionizing how pre-rolls are infused for manufactures and co-packers alike. At a whopping 72 pre-rolls infused in under a minute, operators of all sizes can leverage the system to compete in the rapidly growing market of infused pre-rolls. Using a direct pump system, this unit allows users to retain cleanliness and easily maintain longevity of the equipment. The machine is self-heated, fully self-contained, and operates at low PSI. This newest addition can be added to the One-Tray Workflow with ease (one of the benefits of a fully-modular processing system):

  1. Grind: Whole flower is processed via the Revolution grinder‘s cutting-edge blades to prep for pre-roll production, retaining precious terpenes and cannabinoids along the way.
  2. Load: Operators use the Cone Lander to load 72 empty pre-rolled cones into a tray in seconds.
  3. Fill & Pack: The lightning fast RocketBox Pro fills and pack joints swiftly to keep up mass production while retaining quality.
  4. Weigh: The joints are then weighed via the Launchpad Scale, a one-of-a-kind unit that boosts quality and consistency to ensure precise weight and sizing in each pre-roll is achieved.
  5. Infuse: Tailored for infusing pre-rolls with various liquid concentrates, the Astro Infuser uses precise temperature controls and advanced technology to inject 12 pre-rolls simultaneously into a tray containing 72 filled joints..
  6. Close & Seal: Using the Atomic Closer, a Dutch crown is applied onto a tray of 72 joints in just 40 seconds, providing a premium look and feel.

The One-Tray Workflow is designed to be efficient and easy to use. All of the machines in the system are connected, so the pre-rolls never need to be touched by hand. This reduces the risk of contamination and ensures that the pre-rolls are infused evenly.

STM Canna, the company that manufactures the Astro Infuser, is committed to innovation and quality. They stand behind all of their equipment and offer excellent customer service. If you are interested in scaling your production or improving your pre-roll manufacturing process, STM Canna is a company to consider.

Be sure to visit and follow STM on social media to keep up with their latest pre-roll and post-harvest innovations:

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