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Improving Efficiency With A Wet/Dry Hybrid Cannabis Trimmer

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, the need for efficient and effective
trimming solutions has become increasingly important for business success. Traditionally, hand
trimming has been the standard practice in the industry for years, however, this method is
time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive.

As cultivators and processors continue to expand their businesses, new technologies, and
processing methods become more appealing to drive profits while lowering costs. Post-harvest
cannabis processing equipment has greatly evolved, offering faster production times with
quicker harvest-to-sale cycles, and fewer labor requirements.

Processing equipment like a cannabis trimmer will lower expenses while ensuring high quality in
the final product. Depending on the type of trimmer used, cultivators can process their entire
harvest in a fraction of the time it would take a team of hand trimmers to complete the job. Each
type of trimmer has different features to improve production, catering to a farm’s unique needs.
The Triminator Hybrid™ Trimmer, for example, is a throughput-style trimmer that can process
both wet and dry flower.

The Hybrid™ is designed to trim flower quickly and efficiently, processing up to 40 lbs per hour
with one trimming unit. The Hybrid can also be operated in tandem with two units, delivering up
to 88 lbs per hour, depending on the moisture content of the cannabis.

A wet/dry trimmer like the Hybrid™ also minimizes losses while trimming, as it features
adjustable settings for speed, suction, and tilt. Depending on the moisture level of the flower
being trimmed, the machine can be set to be more gentle on dry delicate flower, and more
aggressive with dense, wet flower. The traditional method of hand trimming can damage the
trichomes and experience more losses than machine trimming.

Hand trimming is also a tedious process and often results in varying degrees of trim, with
workers having different levels of trimming experience. With a machine trimmer, every bud is
trimmed to the same level, delivering consistent results across every harvest. In addition to
consistency, machine trimming also lends itself to faster processing times with less labor

With consistent trim and high-quality flower, customers can expect the same results with each
harvest, and continue to build brand loyalty with that cultivator. In turn, growers will see a steady
revenue stream and higher profits.

Investing in a commercial wet/dry cannabis trimmer like the Triminator Hybrid™ is sure to
improve and ease production. From an easy-to-clean design to adjustable operating settings,
the Hybrid™ is a smart choice for any trim room. Contact Triminator to learn more about the
trimmer and other post-harvest cannabis equipment.

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