How Cannabis and the ‘24-Hour-City’ Helped Ivan Moody Find Sobriety

Something about Ivan Moody’s vocals cut through a person. Listening to “Wrong Side of Heaven” while writing this article gave me goosebumps. There’s an intensity and sincerity that comes across in his songs. When I last interviewed him via phone in 2021, the same raw clarity came through in his voice as he told me about Moody’s Medicinals and his graphic novel Dirty Poetry

His emotional vulnerability is likely a large part of the success of Five Finger Death Punch. The band recently tied with Foo Fighters and Shinedown for the most top 10s in the history of Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. Its multiple platinum-selling albums further define the band as one of the most successful heavy metal groups of the last decade. 

When Moody discusses his journey to sobriety, he credits cannabis as one of his “biggest resources” in overcoming addiction. He entered the cannabis industry with Moody’s Medicinals, a CBD line of products specialized for Moody’s unique concerns as a vocalist.

His throat is often raw after performances, and he needed anti-inflammatory products to soothe his vocal cords. Most importantly, those products couldn’t contain alcohol as it could trigger his addiction. Many throat sprays contain small amounts of alcohol simply to dissolve the other active ingredients. Moody’s full-spectrum CBD products would ultimately help him replace many of his medications for anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. 

Ivan Moody Casa RaLuMa des Chats Photos By Denise Truscello RAWS Dec 20 2022 Las Vegas

Now five years sober, Moody launched Greenings, a line of THC products offering premium flower, infused pre-rolls, and gummies. Cannabis & Tech Today spoke with Moody to discover why now is the right time to debut a THC brand and how the herb helps him live a sober lifestyle.

Cannabis & Tech Today: What inspired you to create a line of THC cannabis products?

Ivan Moody: I was inspired to create Greenings because of my bout with recovery. I’ve been sober for over five years now and I’m damn proud of it. Cannabis has been one of the biggest resources that helped my recovery. At one point addiction and dependency had consumed my whole life to the point where I was actually dead before being revived from alcohol poisoning for a whole three minutes. This experience, which I often call, “The Great Secret,” was caused by me trying to quit alcohol cold turkey. 

Now that I have a second chance at life, it’s my mission to help others in a similar situation. I do that by sharing what worked for me and being able to create a THC cannabis line gives me an outlet to share the emotional and physical relief I found from a product that changed my life for the better.

C&T Today: Why create a new brand with Greenings rather than expand the products offered by Moody’s Medicinals?

IM: Greenings is really like an extension of Moody’s Medicinals. Moody’s is our CBD-based line, and Greenings is our THC line. Both lines feature premium, high-quality ingredients, and I wanted to connect with consumers on both sides of the spectrum of the market.

C&T Today: What makes Las Vegas an ideal location to launch Greenings?

IM: Vegas is my home. I’ve lived here for over 18 years. I watched the Vegas Golden Knights get started before the Las Vegas Raiders graced our brilliantly lit streets, and it’s where I found my strength for, and in, recovery. It’s one of the greatest places on Earth. I mean… I’ve basically seen two-thirds of the planet, I think I’d know. [Laughs].

Not only is it a true “24-hour city,” it’s the entertainment capital of the world, and millions of people visit here every year. There is always something new and exciting right around the corner and the overall vibe (especially within the local scene) is a perfect medium between “Zeal” & “Zen”. I was an admirer of this city way before I ever thought of living here. I even dreamt of going to [University of Las Vegas] UNLV when I was younger. I also really love all the local radio stations out here. It’s just an overall hot spot. 

The bonus to launching a product like Greenings in the Las Vegas/Nevada market starts with the number of people that visit, which makes it easier — if there is such a thing — to get more people interested in the Greenings brand.

There are more green eyes, more green minds, more green-friendly thinkers. See … every single shop, every casino, every hotel, and every ma-and-pop business that begins in Las Vegas has more of a chance at being successful in the long run, being noticed. And by the time everyone outside of Nevada hears about it, the trial and error process of elimination is done and gone. Only the strong survive which, in turn, makes for better products. 

Ivan Moody Casa RaLuMa des Chats Photos By Denise Truscello RAWS Dec 20 2022 Las Vegas

With the competition so high I had to bring my A-game. Launching in Vegas leaves no room for errors and ensures the outside world they’re getting the best bang for their buck. Long story long… Vegas was and is the best of both worlds and so is my product line. Greenings is top-of-the-line quality, wallet healthy, and features affordable prices. 

C&T Today: What do you look for when choosing partners either in the cannabis space or in musical collaborations?

IM: Realness. I’m a straight shooter. You can ask anyone who knows me, I don’t bite my tongue, I just speak my mind and can respect anyone who does the same. I look for transparency and energy.

C&T Today: How does cannabis play an ongoing role in your recovery from alcohol?

IM: It’s replaced four out of five of the prescriptions I was prescribed by my doctor while in my recovery process. It’s part of my daily routine and incorporated into my holistic lifestyle.

Ivan Moody Casa RaLuMa des Chats Photos By Denise Truscello RAWS Dec 20 2022 Las Vegas

C&T Today: Are there situations in which you feel cannabis use could hinder one’s recovery?

IM: Everyone’s recovery looks different. For me, it was the most important tool for a successful journey. 

C&T Today: What’s your preferred way to consume cannabis products?

IM: It depends on my mood. I love that there are versatile ways to consume, both traditional and some more fun.

C&T Today: What would you like more people to understand about cannabis?

IM: I would like more people to understand the importance of legalization. It’s 2023, legalize it!

C&T Today: What’s on the horizon for Greenings?

IM: We’ve got a ton of exciting things in the works. If you want to stay in the loop of all of our breaking announcements follow us on Instagram [@greeningsco] or visit our website at We’ve had a ton of positive feedback on the brand and are looking forward to taking it to new heights and new cities for the masses.

This article first appeared in Volume 5 Issue 1 of Cannabis & Tech Today. Read the full issue here.


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