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4 Hemp Products We Loved at the NoCo Hemp Expo

Hemp is a wonder plant. From it’s incredible durability to it’s small carbon footprint, responsible shoppers worldwide are waking up to the versatility of this age-old crop.

One of the best venue’s for checking out the variety of products made from hemp is the NoCo Hemp Expo. This year’s expo was live, making it one of the first in-person cannabis industry events to take place in Colorado since the pandemic began in early 2020.

Attendees were understandably concerned about safety precautions and how the event would maintain COVID-19 guidelines. In this author’s humble opinion, event organizers took every precaution and most attendees adhered to mask mandates and social distancing suggestions. 

With the event’s safety established, it was easier to enjoy the setting and visit with exhibitors and attendees. There were so many impressive products and services throughout the expo.

As the managing editor for Cannabis & Tech Today, I’ve sampled many hemp-derived products, from CBD gummies to hemp face masks to bioplastic sunglasses.

While I didn’t visit every booth at this expo, I did visit all three floors of exhibitors and found several exciting products to share. 

CBD Tabs by TGC Network

These tabs are one of my favorite finds from the expo. These small, soft “tabs,” look like a baby aspirin.

They are organic and can be ingested in several ways. You can chew them up, swallow them, or vape them. 

Co-Founder Bryan Trevino partnered with PuffCo to showcase how easily they can be vaped — just drop a tab into the PuffCo Pro and within a few moments it’s vaporized and ready to inhale.

I appreciated that TGC had all of their COA’s and organic certifications displayed on-site at the expo. 

These are high-potency CBD, so they’re a nice option for those struggling with chronic pain. 

Bundles of Hope Baby Blankets

Surprisingly, there aren’t many 100% hemp baby blankets on the market.

Those that do contain hemp are usually blended with cotton or bamboo, and fewer still are produced with organically-grown materials.

That’s where Bundles of Hope stands out. They create 100% organic hemp blankets in a variety of rich colors.

These soft, hemp swaddling blankets are antimicrobial and UV-resistant. They offer machine-dyed or hand-dyed options, both of which are eco-friendly and become softer with each wash. 

This company is filling a needed niche for environmentally-conscious parents, offering a soft, sustainable material that uses dramatically less water to grow and produce than cotton.

Moose’s Magic by Colorado Hemp Solutions

Pet owners are eager to embrace CBD to alleviate separation anxiety, treat arthritis, or encourage calm during stressful events in a pet’s life.

However, finding a veterinarian who can prescribe CBD is difficult. Colorado Hemp Solutions (CHS) was created by farmers and ranchers who worked with veterinarians to develop Moose’s Magic, a line of CBD tinctures for small to extra-large dog breeds. 

While the company creates many hemp and CBD products, these full-spectrum CBD and hemp oil tinctures were formulated specifically for pets.

They can be added to food or placed directly on the animal’s tongue.

It’s important to remember CBD can interact with liver enzymes in such a way that other drugs may not metabolize properly, so if your dog is taking other supplements be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

Balms and Salves from Authentic Hemp Company 

This company specializes in organic, biodynamic hemp products. CEO Dawne Vrable is a certified herbalist who combines locally-sourced botanical blends with full-spectrum hemp extract in each formulation. 

Authentic Hemp Company is woman-owned and operated and offers a variety of products.

The Juniper Joint Rub and Women’s Moon Balm are the two I’ve tried out. Each is applied topically to help reduce inflammation or calm muscle spasms.

Their formulations are non-greasy, absorbing rapidly into the skin with a smooth texture and gently fragrant aroma. 

The Moon Balm was awarded “Best Hemp Balm with Whole Plant Extract” during the 2018 Indo Expo and Vrabel instills that same quality in each hand-crafted jar. 


  • Patricia Miller is an executive editor at Innovative Properties Worldwide. She explores science, technology, and policy shaping the legal cannabis sector. Follow her work when you subscribe to Cannabis & Tech Today at or visit her website

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