Different Ways Hemp Can be Utilized as House-Building Materials

Hemp is a miracle material. When most people think of it, one or two uses might come to mind. But, when you really do your research on everything hemp is used for, you quickly start to see how valuable it is.

Right now, it’s important to shine a light on the fact that hemp can be used for home construction in a variety of ways. Lately, the cost of lumber has skyrocketed due to a shortage. There are also concerns about the sustainability of traditional building materials and how they might be impacting the planet.

Could hemp be the solution for those problems? Yes.

Using hemp as a building material is more than just a “pipe dream” (no pun intended). Instead, it’s a viable option that could cut costs and benefit the environment.

Not sure how it can be used and whether it truly is the right solution? Let’s look at the benefits and a few ways hemp can be implemented into construction materials.

The Benefits of Hemp for Building

If you think hemp can’t hold a candle to lumber or other building materials, think again. Nowadays, hemp is used to manufacture:

  • Rope
  • Textiles
  • Bioplastics
  • Insulation

There’s are several reasons why it’s being used to make so many things. First, it’s both fire and mold-resistant. That’s important if you live in a damp environment. Plus, it allows builders to rely less on using chemical fire retardants, which can cost money and be harmful to the environment.

Hemp can also be used to upgrade your home with new additions. It’s a much safer construction product than materials used in the past. For example, hemp can be used to replace old insulation that might contain asbestos.

If your home was built before the 1970s, you may have insulation or other building materials containing asbestos, which can cause damage to your respiratory system and may even cause cancer or mesothelioma. Hemp is a natural, safe, and healthy replacement.

If you’re building from the ground up, using materials like hempcrete can also be beneficial for the environment.

Sustainability is important, especially in the construction industry. But, so is cost. With lumber prices on the rise, can you save money by using hemp instead?

Sustainable Savings

Part of the reason why hemp is more cost-effective than other materials is that it’s sustainable. It’s a renewable resource that makes it easier to stay on a realistic budget with your home construction. A hemp-made house costs roughly the same as a normally-built house. Now, with rising material costs, it may be even cheaper than traditional options.

Materials like hempcrete are more commonly used for smaller projects, making them a big draw for tiny homes. If you’re on a strict budget or you have bad credit, using hemp to build your home can help you to avoid overspending. You might also be able to build or buy even if you have bad credit because you’ll be able to put down a larger downpayment.

It’s also important to note that the hemp tech industry is rapidly growing. In the future, that could mean even more hemp-based building materials for housing. Currently, hemp wood companies are becoming more prominent, creating everything from flooring to cabinets.

Hemp is also being used to replace certain plastic materials, which will also impact the building industry and how materials are used. If you’re not ready to build a home or upgrade right now, keep your eyes open for how hemp is going to grow (again, literally) in the future.

Hemp and Your Home Can Go Hand-in-Hand

Hemp is sustainable. It’s cost-effective. It’s growing in popularity, and it’s even got its own tech industry. Needless to say, it’s a trendy topic right now in the construction world. But, on a more personal level, hemp can be a fantastic addition to your home – inside or outside.

For example, because hemp wood is becoming more popular, you can use it to decorate your home’s interior. It can give you a more “rustic” and natural look that fits perfectly into a sustainability mindset. Natural wood accents are perfect for shabby chic homes, and they can make your space feel warmer and more inviting.

Because hemp is also used to create textiles, you can decorate with it. Some of the most common hemp fabrics include:

  • Linen
  • Terrycloth
  • Twill
  • Cotton muslin

From your sheets to your curtains, you could end up having a hemp home top to bottom and feel good about the environmentally sound choices you’re making.

If you’ve never considered hemp for building, now is a perfect time to do your research. If you’re already interested in the hemp industry, constructing a home using hemp building materials could be the next step in utilizing it. The more popular it becomes, the more we’re likely to see it as a strong competitor to traditional costly materials.


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