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Must-See Booths of MJBizCon 2023

8 Booths You Don’t Want to Miss in Vegas

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, where the industry’s leading innovators will showcase their cutting-edge products and services. 

Among the myriad of exhibitors, cut through the noise with this curated list of Must-See Booths guaranteed to elevate your MJBizCon journey.

Keep this list handy so you can plan your visit wisely and ensure you don’t miss out on the unique insights and groundbreaking products these top brands have to offer.

Exclusive Software Partner: CannaSpyglass

Cannabis License Database & Analytics | Booth #6935 – Central Hall

CannaSpyglass offers cannabis data subscription services that provide dependable, on-demand, and exclusive industry analytics. Their insights cover vital data on cannabis cultivation, business statistics, and enterprise information within the rapidly growing cannabis sector. 

Whether you are an established industry leader seeking business expansion or a lawmaker requiring essential research to inform policy, their up-to-date, cloud-based data can be tailored to your specific interests and regions. They take pride in being a lean, passionate, dedicated team with a genuine commitment to creating this valuable resource.

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Exclusive Packaging Partner: Crativ

Sustainable Packaging | Booth #6245 – Central Hall

CRATIV Packaging leads in North American manufacturing, ensuring quality, reducing environmental impact, and strengthening supply chain stability. Committed to environmental sustainability, CRATIV employs proprietary plant-based, recycled, and fast-degrading materials in CRATIV cases to minimize traditional plastic waste.

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Exclusive Cultivation Partner: Anden

Environmental Solutions to Grow & Maximize Yields | Booth #29027 – North Hall

Anden has environmental solutions to help any size facility get built for grow and maximize yields. Visit Booth 29027 at MJBizCon to chat with one of Anden’s cultivator-committed experts, enjoy exclusive promos, and learn about their newest innovation that’s changing the grow game.

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Exclusive Lighting Partner: TSRgrow

Advanced LED Lighting Solutions | Booth #31016 – North Hall

Join the growing community of commercial cultivators who have experienced tremendous success with TSRgrow’s advanced LED Lighting Solutions. Discover how to Build a Better Grow Room that not only saves energy but produces consistent quality crops at the lowest operational cost. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit TSRgrow at MJBizCon and unlock the key to achieving unparalleled profitability.

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Exclusive Processing Partner: The Original Resinator

Post-Harvest Technology | Booth #2927 – Central Hall

Make sure to add booth #2927 to your itinerary so you can check out their game changing post-harvest technology, including their award-winning cannabis and hemp freeze drying method, Crop-to-Cure®. The Original Resinator and Industry Processing Solutions proudly offer industry leading equipment, training, and services to help operators harvest their crops more profitably.

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Exclusive Pre-Roll Partner: STM Canna

Advanced Pre-Roll Automation | Booth #4008

Get ready for a game-changing shift in the pre-roll industry! 🚀 Their revolutionary machine is here to redefine infused pre-roll production, offering unrivaled efficiency and quality. Join them for an exclusive limited release!

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Exclusive Vape Partner: Technical Packaging Systems

Cannabis License Database & Analytics | Booth #4612 – Processing Pavillion

Come see TPS at MJBizCon next week for the HUGE Premiere of their VFC100 Vape Filler and Capper. If it’s packaging and material handling, they’ve got you covered.

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Exclusive Edibles Partner: Truffly Made

Silicone Molds & Candy Depositors | Booth #5221 – Central Hall

Truffly Made is manufacturing high quality silicone molds and candy depositors since 2013. Discover the most trusted brand in the industry that will help you increase your production rate by thousands per hour. Truly the easiest way to make candies!

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