‘Delta-88’ Gummy Worms Found in Halloween Candy

A 5-year-old in St. Charles, Missouri received a package containing two “Delta-88” brand THC gummy worms during a “trunk-or-treat” event.

Tiffany Burroughs, mother of three, took her children to a Halloween event on Saturday, Oct. 8., at JJ’s Restaurant in St. Charles. The event is an add-on to the restaurant’s monthly car shows.

“They loved going, dressing up in their costumes,” Burroughs told KMOV St. Louis.

As her children were collecting candy, she noticed a shiny package of gummy worms in a candy bowl. When she arrived home and inspected the package, she discovered the gummies. The packaging said “Delta 88 THC,” which appears to be the brand name for an e-commerce website offering delta-8 THC products.

“I looked at it and was like, ‘oh yeah, that’s definitely not for kids,’” Burroughs said. She called the police and officers notified the restaurant where the event took place.

JJ’s Co-Owner Stephen Bell walked through the lot where the event was taking place and inspected candy. He said he wasn’t able to find anything suspicious.

Police also checked all candy at the event and did not find any additional THC products. 

The annual “trunk or treat” and car show at JJ”s Restaurant is a popular community event.

Lt. Tom Wilkinson of the St. Charles Police Department told KMOV St. Louis he believed the incident was an accident.

“We don’t believe at this time there was malicious intent. That somehow these gummy worms got mixed in with candy because they do look like candy.” 

Delta-8 THC is an adults-only product. Purveyors of the product claim it produces an intoxicating effect.

It is derived from CBD. Online sellers note it is “not like using marijuana,” but can help a person feel calm or relaxed. 

While online distributors claim it’s meant to stimulate relaxation, the FDA issued a bulletin about the substance in May of this year.

The FDA noted more than 2,300 calls were made to a national poison control hotline from people experiencing adverse reactions to delta-8.

Callers described symptoms ranging from hallucinations to vomiting, tremors, confusion, and loss of consciousness. The FDA reported a pediatric case that resulted in death.

While no one was harmed from this incident, Wilkinson noted parents should take this as a reminder to inspect their children’s Halloween candy. 


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