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Cannabis Artist Tony Greenhand On Communication With Fans

With over 300,000 followers on Instagram and dedicated features in Rolling Stone and Leafly, Tony Greenhand’s cannabis-based art is definitely getting noticed. Greenhand discusses the importance of keeping up with his many fans in this exclusive interview snippet.

Cannabis Artist Tony Greenhand

Cannabis & Tech Today: I saw that you read every single message that your fans send to you. Why is that connection so important?

Tony Greenhand: I feel like my business is driven off of my fans. My fans fuel all the business that I do. And I’m more of an entrepreneurial type. I don’t just do rolling. I do all types of networking and communication. I’ll do consulting. I build businesses from the ground up.

Like I said, I’m a cannabis breeder. I do a bunch of different things. And through talking to all my fans, it helps me not only establish a network of individuals, but it helps me share opportunities. I’m in a situation that is really unique because I can help platform other individuals. I also can, through just all my messages, accumulate work for an indefinite period of time.

So if I didn’t communicate with my fans, my business would be completely dead. In a unique way, my business basically runs off of messages because I can’t advertise my work. I can’t advertise that I’m going to roll for you and you fly me out and do all this stuff very effectively because if I do say that, then I have to answer a million un-genuine questions. People who are just curious about what I was doing.

But through my messages, through seeing all different styles of what people want, it’s easier to trim the fat. It’s easier to see who’s sincere, who’s not sincere, which makes my job a lot easier.

Also, my fans, they really appreciate being talked to. For a couple hours every day, I’ll just answer my messages and tell people that I appreciate them because without them, I wouldn’t be in my situation right now.

You can see Greenhand’s art on his official Instagram page. For the full interview, make sure to subscribe to Cannabis & Tech Today.