Benefits of Taking CBD Before Going to Sleep


CBD is widely used as a health supplement and is considered one of the best all-natural products for those looking to maintain good overall health and fitness levels. However, the benefits CBD offers go beyond its role as a supplement.

A growing number of people are looking to CBD products to improve their quality of sleep. There have been several studies highlighting the various ways in which CBD can be beneficial for sleep.

Why are people choosing to take these products – such as CBD sleep aid tinctures and capsules – before going to bed, and what are the benefits?

What Does the Research Say?

CBD has always been known for its relaxing qualities, which is one of the main reasons it is so popular for managing anxiety and stress. Taking CBD shortly before going to bed can be beneficial in helping the body relax and enter an optimal state for sleep.

The calming effects of CBD are not the only reason why people take it for sleep. One study found that participants given CBD regularly over a prolonged period started to report better sleep scores than at the start of the study.

Another study looked further into CBD’s effects on sleep and reported similar findings. Participants reported better quality sleep and noted that it was easier to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.

But is CBD a powerful sleep aid, or are its other effects leading to better rest?

Why Does CBD Positively Affect Sleep?

CBD’s relaxing effects are highly beneficial for achieving a restful night’s sleep, but soporific qualities are not the only thing that could be making it a powerful sleep aid. There are several other effects CBD has on the body that positively impact sleep.

CBD is used to manage several ailments that can negatively affect sleep. By taking CBD before going to bed, the negative impact these symptoms have on the body is minimized, limiting the impact they can have on sleep.

Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of poor sleep. People who suffer from chronic pain sometimes find that it prevents them from easily falling asleep, and even when they do manage to drift off, they find themselves waking up throughout the night. CBD could be an effective way to manage aches and pains throughout the body.

CBD products can also be used to treat temporary pain caused by either an injury or an illness. Taking CBD during the evening limits pain levels and their adverse effects on sleep quality.

Stress is another major cause of insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Working CBD into your evening routine can reduce stress levels before bed, resulting in a much better night’s sleep.

Is CBD a Good Solution for Longterm Sleep Problems?

One of the main benefits of using CBD as a sleep aid is that it is thought to have very few side effects.

Adding CBD into your daily routine provides several potential benefits beyond just improving sleep. CBD is a popular dietary supplement and is packed with vital nutrients that the body needs to maintain overall health.

Many people use CBD supplements to boost their immune system, reduce unnecessary inflammation, and manage mood disorders. Taking CBD as a sleep remedy also provides all of the potential benefits associated with general-purpose supplements.

CBD is not addictive, which is often a concern about other sleep remedies. CBD can therefore be used during times of excessive stress or pain, putting a stop to the external factors that prevent sleep.

The Best Ways to Use CBD as a Sleep Remedy

The growing number of people using CBD as a sleep remedy has led to a rise in the range of products designed for this very purpose. Many CBD sleep products contain added ingredients such as melatonin and lavender, which may enhance the benefits.

There is no single right way to use CBD for sleep; it is better to try out several sleep-focused products and find what works best.

Some people find that CBD edibles – specifically gummies – work best as they can be eaten as a snack shortly before bed, often in place of other less healthy snacks. Gummies tend to contain a small dose of CBD, making them ideal for people who are only using them to improve sleep.

Another great option is CBD capsules, especially those designed to be used as a sleep aid. CBD capsules can easily slot into your nighttime routine with minimal effort.

CBD creams and pillow sprays containing calming herbs work well for people who don’t want to add cannabinoids to their diet. The calming effects of CBD can still positively impact sleep even when used externally.

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