Cannabis edibles are powerful. Find out what you need to know, right here.

4 Tips for Safely Enjoying Edibles

The use of cannabis edibles is becoming more common as more states legalize the once feared plant. Whether they are using it medically or recreationally, cannabis consumption is on the rise.

It is really important for anyone who is using cannabis to understand the product, the risks involved, and the proper dosing, especially when ingesting edibles. 

Cannabis edibles are nothing more than foods that carry marijuana. Sometimes they’re made into candies, chocolates, or other products that may be appealing to children.

As such, here are some important factors to keep in mind when keeping edible products around the home.

Appearances are Deceiving

Cannabis edibles can be dangerous because they look exactly the same as regular foods. 

Many regions have tried to create laws to make these products less attractive to children. But once opened, the product can look like cookies, candy, or brownies.

Having similar products in the home raises the risk of kids unintentionally being exposed to marijuana. 

Responsible parents should always be alert and careful with how they store their edible products. Keep them far away from your kids and store them in areas where they are not accessible to children. 

Proper Dosing with Edibles

Some edibles contain small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), others contain large amounts and may come with instructions to only eat part of the product. 

Consuming an excessive amount of cannabis may have less than desirable effects and can lead to a negative experience. Always start with a small amount and slowly increase the dosage

It may take several hours for the effect of an edible product to become noticeable. 

The effects of edibles varies from person to person and lasts up to 12 hours. Each person has their own tolerance level.

Some people may need more to combat a health issue, while others who do not suffer from health problems may need less to feel the same therapeutic results. 

Know Your Milligrams! 

Before you take a bite of an edible, be aware of how much THC your edible contains. Marijuana edibles often contain a much higher quantity of THC than smokeable products, which can lead to stronger outcomes.

One cookie, candy, or brownie may hold 5-6 servings, particularly in medical edibles.

As such, pay close attention to the total milligrams of THC in each product and only eat the recommended dose.

Once you are sure how a particular product and quantity affects you, you may slowly start to increase your dose.

When Will You Feel an Edible?

When ingesting an edible, cannabis is slowly absorbed into the body through the digestive system. The psychotropic result of the drug is delayed for 30-90 minutes afterward.

The peak of the drug is often not felt for two to three hours after eating, and the effects may last anywhere from four to 12 hours.

If you are a beginner or just experimenting with cannabis edibles, you might not feel the effects as rapidly as expected.

That could cause the consumer to eat more of the edible which may lead to overconsumption and too large of a dose.

Ultimately, cannabis edibles are a safe and effective way to treat pain and enjoy a gentle high, but taking too much can cause severe paranoia, anxiety, and other undesirable effects.

Know your dose, read your packaging, and always keep your products in a safe place, away from children. 


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