The Annual Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Awards

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Are You Serious About Sustainability?

At Cannabis & Tech Today, we honor those going above and beyond to be champions of sustainability. From sustainable growing practices to eco-friendly packaging and every other step along the way, you deserve to be celebrated!

The Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Awards offer the opportunity for your organization to be recognized as a leader within the cannabis industry through 2023 and beyond.

It’s easy to enter. Winners receive print and online exposure, an engraved crystal trophy, and digital assets for even more impact. All applications must be submitted before the Earth Day April 22nd 2023, and winners will be announced in the next issue of Cannabis & Tech Today.

Winners will be announced at



Award Categories


Cannabis cultivation is water intensive. If this industry is to be sustainable, eco-friendly water solutions are essential. This award is dedicated to the company with effective, innovative, practical water conservation strategies.

renewable energy


Cannabis cultivation can require massive energy inputs. This award is dedicated to the company most committed to lessening their energy impact through innovative strategies.


Modern environmental problems require modern solutions. While we’ve seen many companies take a unique approach to innovation, this award is dedicated to the company with the most innovative sustainability strategies or technologies.


With the many regulations involved in cannabis packaging, not to mention the industry’s dependence on plastic, sustainable packaging solutions are pivotal to creating a greener cannabis ecosystem. This award is dedicated to innovative, sustainable, or eco-friendly solutions to pervasive packaging problems.


Cannabis and activism go hand-in-hand. This industry blossomed from grassroots organizations and we want to honor those who make it a point to be active in their communities. This award is dedicated those who are stewards of their community, acting as leaders who demonstrate what it takes to build a more sustainable future.


In this industry, events are pivotal for sharing information, networking, and lobbying for cannabis. This award is dedicated to the event that drives the cannabis industry forward while lessening its environmental impact.


Corporations embrace ESG standards for a variety of reasons including access to capital, enhanced risk mitigation and value creation, greater social “license to operate,” customer acquisition and employee retention. This award is dedicated to the company that demonstrates their unswerving alignment to ESG and to delivering “Impact Alpha” for their stakeholders.

Social Impact

Social Impact is the effect an organization’s actions have on the well-being of ALL stakeholders. This award is dedicated to the company / team that consistently demonstrates the “art of the possible” in this domain.


An alignment to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is indicative of system-wide thinking & action to deliver to humanity’s greatest challenges. This award is dedicated to the individual or company that clearly demonstrates that “doing good” and “making money” through such alignment are not mutually exclusive

The investment for the Sustainable Leadership Awards is only $499 per entry.

FAQ- It’s easy to enter & win!

Fill out the form and pay the entrance fee!

Winners will be chosen after Earth Day (April 22nd) and announced in the next print issue that is scheduled to hit national newsstands and retailers on June 6th 2023.

Yes, but you must pay and submit per company.

Yes! Please email

You will receive a confirmation email. Our editorial team will review/verify your company, determine its fit for the category and if eligible the managing editor will reach out to let you know if you have been chosen. 

You can advertise that your company has been named a “Sustainable Leader” by Cannabis & Tech Today via the print editorial, social media, via the digital edition of the publication, the award logo, include it in your newsletters, place your award logo on the product packaging or website, display your trophy in your office or at your expo booths.

No, all companies are nominated and reviewed by our editorial team for sustainability and we only feature products that exceed expectations for sustainability in their respective category.

Our Managing Editor will reach out to approve the write up and let you know!