Announcing the 2019 Cannabis & Tech Today Award for Sustainable Leadership!

When we started Cannabis & Tech Today in 2018, we had one specific goal: to tell the science and tech-based stories that weren’t being told in the space. For years, publications like High Times and Culture have provided cannabis enthusiasts and consumers with strain reviews and legislative updates. But we felt there was a missing piece to the puzzle.

Cannabis, still, is a growing industry – and it’s moving at a fast pace. With years of illicit experience under its belt, the cannabis industry is finally spreading its wings, shaking off the cobwebs of illegality, and beginning to take its first steps toward flying. And it couldn’t be a more opportune moment for the cannabis industry to take off.

This industry is growing up in the age of fiery startups and incredible innovations, all wrapped up in a business culture that is focusing more on sustainability than ever before. It may not be a coincidence that cannabis is gaining pace at the same time as innovations such as the electric vehicle and augmented reality.

Modern technology has given cannabis an opportunity. Rather than have to adjust its practices later to fit technology, like so many well-established industries are finding themselves doing, cannabis can build technological and sustainable practices right into its DNA.

In just the past year, we at Cannabis & Tech Today have been able to interact with a number of incredibly innovative leaders and companies. These businesses are folding innovation and sustainability into their everyday practices. And while many people might not be aware of it, sustainability is and will be vital to the success of the cannabis industry.

For this reason, we are very excited to announce the 1st annual Cannabis & Tech Today Awards for Sustainable Leadership, to celebrate those companies who are taking sustainability seriously. Presenting with us will be STM Canna. STM Canna helps produce and process them. For cultivators and processors, STM Canna’s highly efficient products are eco-conscious and cost-effective. Their RocketBox can product over 453 pre-rolled joints in a 2-3 minutes cycle, while their Rosin Press will help you efficiently create shatter, wax, and much more.

With their commitment to sustainability, STM Canna will be helping us host this years’ Cannabis & Tech Today. Nominations are now open and will close on October 1, 2019. The winners will be announced on December 13, 2019!

For more information, and to nominate your business, please visit:


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