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Carlos Santana is tired of fear and ready to emerge into a brighter future. In this ‘Essential’ issue, discover how Santana sees today’s racial revolution repeating a flower-powered past. Join our plea for social equity with an exploration into America’s first cannabis entrepreneurs: imprisoned African American men. Discover why networking in your PJ’s is America’s new normal as digital events take over. Plus, score an in-depth look at the industry’s first virtual reality event, the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference and Expo. Culture is changing, too, with puffing and passing taking a back seat to edibles and solo consumption. Need more?

This issue includes:

  • Summer’s Best New Products
  • Hemp Heaven in Colorado’s Tech Zone
  • Innovators Pivot Under Pressure at Papa & Barkley
  • Actionable Insights for Reinventing Your Retail Strategy
  • Pioneering Technologies (Freeze-Dried Cannabis, Anyone?)
  • Canna-Oil Creations from Laurie Wolf
  • Emerge from isolation with all the essential content you crave in this special issue of Cannabis & Tech Today.

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