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Sick Pets and What New Research Says May Help (Spoiler: It’s CBD)

Your pets are part of your family. When they’re sick it can be a stressful and costly experience, particularly when attempting to treat long-term illnesses. Arthritis, seizures, anxiety, and even diabetes are all common disorders for domesticated animals. Chronic ailments can lower your pet’s quality of life and treatment options can be limited. Recent research into the efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD) for treating these conditions is giving new hope to pet owners.

In a recent study titled, “An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies,” researchers Kerstin Iffland and Franjo Grotenhermen found strong correlations between CBD treatment and better overall health. Some of the well-known ailments that proved responsive to CBD treatment include anxiety, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

How CBD May Help Pets with Anxiety, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Cancer

Anxiety is a familiar frustration for dog owners, particularly during storms or firework-based holidays. Studies with mice and CBD have shown encouraging results. Iffland and Grotenhermen refer to a study documenting the calming influence of CBD on anxious rodents and attribute the effectiveness of the treatment to the “antipanic effects” of the compound on serotonin receptors.

The review also found CBD effective in preventing diabetes. In Iffland’s study, diabetes-prone mice were treated for four weeks with CBD; treatment was stopped and the mice were observed for the next 20 weeks.

Only 32 percent of those treated with CBD developed diabetes as opposed to 100 percent of mice in the control group that did not receive the treatment. That’s good news for corpulent house cats and overweight pups.

Arthritis can be another common problem for older animals. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may provide potent relief. “Proinflammatory biomarkers were also reduced in a dose-dependent manner,” noted Iffland in her review. Your stiff-jointed canine or less-than-agile cat may find more spring in their step with CBD in their treatment plan. Older dogs in particular tend to suffer with arthritis and are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of death for older dogs and treatment options can seem frustratingly cost prohibitive. It seems CBD can be helpful in this instance as well.

Iffland and Grotenhermen observed this in their study, stating: “CBD every 3 days for a total of 28 weeks almost completely reduced the development of metastatic nodules caused by injection of the human lung carcinoma cells (A549) in nude mice.” Several studies have linked CBD to cancer remission in both humans and animals.

A Word of Caution Before Dosing Your Pets

There are a few points to keep in mind before you decide to start dosing your pets. Boulder Holistic Vet, a blog written by Dr. Angie Krause, discusses some of the most important factors to consider when buying CBD products for your animals. Find out how the plant was grown and how the concentrates were extracted.

Pesticides and Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction can leave residual toxins that may aggravate your pet. Find out how much CBD is in the product and determine which other ingredients are present. Most importantly, speak with your veterinarian prior to beginning a CBD treatment plan to formulate a proper dosage and ensure there are no contraindications with other prescriptions.



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