Top 5 Cannabis Products for September 2019

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From hemp oil and UV-protected sunglasses to the latest in vaping and cannabis-related journals, we highlight the latest products that you need to know about.

White Fox Medicinals

Able to reduce inflammation, disinfect wounds, calm the heart, and even provide release for physical tension, White Fox Medicinals’ product line provides a natural, multi-use experience. Utilizing a unique blend of terpenes, White Fox Medicinals’ products soothe and balance the body. Prices Vary

Evolution HPS+

With UV protection and anti-reflective coating to reduce glare while traversing the growroom, the Evolution HPS+ glasses by Method Seven make cannabis cultivation safer and easier. With a TR90-enhanced frame for flexibility and comfort and sleek, high-quality design, the Evolution HPS+ combine fashion and function. $145

PrimeMyBody RECEPT Hemp Oil

Utilizing organically sourced poly-terpenes and phytocannabinoids, PrimeMyBody’s RECEPT Hemp Oil is derived from completely organically-grown hemp. Because of its sonicated nanotechnology, RECEPT’s phytonutrients are fast-acting, travelling quickly to the body’s cells and endocannabinoid system. $108


Dr. Dabber SWITCH

With patent-pending induction heating technology, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the next generation of vaporizer. Utilizing a number of heating profiles that can reach temperature in 4 to 6 seconds and a robust battery life, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH should be a part of any vape enthusiast’s arsenal. $399

Goldleaf Cannabis Journals and Prints

Goldleaf’s cannabis-related journals and prints are a must-have for home and office alike. With cooking and patient journals, grow planners, cannabinoid charts, and terpene infographics, Goldleaf’s offerings will help you learn more about cannabis while letting you jot down all the related info you need. Prices vary

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