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Noa Kahner’s Guide to Cannabis Investment

Noa Kahner knows a thing or two about investing. As the founder and CEO of Kahner Global, she has helped to produce thought-provoking conferences centered around the entrepreneurial potential of the cannabis industry through strategic partnerships. This includes the recent Cannabis Private Investment Summit, an event focusing on professional investors and family offices within the industry. The event, which took place in New York, featured such speakers as television host and advocate Montel Williams, Flowr chairman Steve Klein, and Lindiskin founder Lindy Snider. With these exclusive quotes, Kahner reveals her insights on everything from the necessity of partnerships within the industry to the unique investment opportunities that cannabis presents.

Importance of Strategic Partnerships

No one in the industry can shoulder the burden of everything within one organization. Everyone is starting from scratch, so partnerships are a really great way to leverage expertise. It’s important to collaborate with other companies in order to make your own company be the best it can be. Organizations grow together when this type of collaboration can happen, especially in an industry that’s as young and new as this one.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Investors are really looking for companies that know what they’re doing on the legal side. Have advisors make sure that however you’re setting up your business is legal, and that you also have the opportunity to penetrate the market accordingly.

Most Important Consideration for Cannabis Investing

You’re not just investing in the company, it’s really who’s behind it. Not just on the horse, but on the jockey. Make sure that your management has their skillset. Make sure that the management you’ve chosen has a proven ability in other industries.

Why Cannabis is a Positive Investment

A lot of people compare cannabis to alcohol prohibition, but I think cannabis is so much bigger. There’s just such a humongous industry ahead of us with healthcare opportunities as well as recreational opportunities. You know, we’re just scratching the surface right now with what I believe will happen. But you’re already seeing a lot of investors who got in at a good time with some of these companies that have done really well. So I think that the opportunity is huge.

The Vitality of Collaboration

Make sure that you learn and talk to people. This industry is very open, that’s one of the things I really love about it. Right now at least, even if you’re a competitor, it’s like everyone just wants to work together. So, if you go to a conference or you go to some other networking function, you just start talking to people. You’ll be so surprised to see how much people want to help you succeed in whatever you’re trying to do in this industry, whether you’re starting a business or you’re looking to make investments.


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