Your Competitive Edge is Your Packaging Technology

Today, nearly every consumer-packaged good from food to pharmaceuticals and now even cannabis products, are seeking the most effective, efficient and advanced formed and sealed packaging. The materials used for this packaging varies from majority plastics to sealed metal cans.

The benefits of sealed packaging are widespread: producers value it mainly for preservation in the fresh food space, while the pharma industry seeks tamper proofing and safety. 

Canned food companies seek extended shelf life and food safety. Consumer goods seek both creative shelf presentation and even security – as anyone who’s ever tried to open plastic formed packaged toys at the holidays knows! Almost all of these forms of packaging are reliant on plastics to achieve their objectives. 

In the past, very little consideration was given to the environmental impact of this heavy reliance on plastic. But now the consumer has become much more socially and environmentally conscious, with Millennials and Gen Zers making their preferences known that they want more sustainable products, as well as increased government regulations for post-consumer recyclability.

These market forces are requiring innovators across the supply chain to explore more environmentally friendly packaging options to meet the next generation consumer demands while maintaining the same freshness, safety and shelf-life features.

This innovation shift can best be seen in the fast-growing legal cannabis sector, which has adopted a multitude of packaging formats for its products.  Plastic pouches, glass jars and sealed cans are some of the most popular form factors you can find on dispensary shelves today.

Can-sealing technology, widely adopted within food and beverage markets, is now making inroads in the cannabis sector.

Cannabis flower and its extracts are highly susceptible to freshness and flavor profile degradation in the presence of oxygen.  Sealed packaging can ensure that the same care the grower put into growing the product will be experienced by the end user. 

Market research shows that packagers want automated solutions that can handle multiple packaging formats (Packaging World, “2021 Cannabis Reports”). Automation already exists within the cannabis packaging space, but reliability and affordability are top concerns, according to the report. 

Can-sealing technology, widely adopted within food and beverage markets, is now making inroads, and driving standards in cannabis as well.

Pushing the cannabis sector forward towards modern CPG packaging standards, N2 Packaging Systems uses a patented liquid nitrogen technology, combined with a proprietary can and child resistant, senior-friendly lid technology, that delivers value across the ecosystem from cultivator to consumer.

For growers desiring product efficacy, modified atmosphere packaging with liquid nitrogen sealed cans has proven to be a valuable solution for maintaining the integrity of their products.

These operators receive further benefit as this technology achieves regulatory compliance and drastically increases the shelf life of their product. And for consumers seeking consistently enjoyable and fresh experiences that adhere to their environmentally conscious values, they receive a product that meets their needs with the peace-of-mind that their product has been sealed safely, securely and sustainably.  

Preservation and security must be top of mind in order to ensure that customers, business partners, and the planet continue to benefit from safe, secure, sustainable packaged goods.

Glass jars and sealed cans are some of the most popular form factors you can find on dispensary shelves today.

Companies that are actively differentiating their products, preserving freshness and meeting their sustainability goals with sealed packaging are gaining a significant edge over their competitors and watching their market share grow.  Or, as we like to say in the industry, their products are staying preserved, while their competitor’s have soured. 

Consumer spending habits will continue to trend towards supporting businesses with a social conscience and producers of consumer packaged goods must anticipate this sentiment shift and embrace packaging which benefits their products, the consumer, and the environment.


  • Thom Brodeur is CEO of N2 Packaging Systems, a sustainable packaging company which uses innovative engineering and proprietary packaging technologies to protect and preserve CBD and cannabis products.

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