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Why Cannabis Companies Need Efficient Technology Networks

Various technological frameworks have been developed to enhance the cannabis industry’s overall efficiency. This is currently happening in technology, which has a role that extends far beyond meeting operational needs.

This fast-moving and ever-evolving industry relies on technology for just about every process, from seed to sale and beyond. As the chief technology officer of an online enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for cannabis businesses, I’m honored to play a pivotal role in the evolution of cannabis technology.

In my more than a decade spent in the cannabis technology sector, I’ve built a solid, holistic vision for the future of cannabis technology. I see this coming to life each day as advanced technologies work in tandem to create a safe, secure, and efficient structure for operators in all industry sectors. 

Here are the top benefits of cannabis technology networks that I see bolstering our industry’s growth:

Reliable Compliance Management 

The integration of advanced technology systems means reductions in overall compliance risks. For example, real-time inventory tracking and compliance data management are essential tools in such a highly regulated industry.

Advanced technologies allow companies to complete these processes efficiently, compliantly, and without error. With such stringent regulatory scrutiny, options like cloud-based platforms enable operators to stay on top of all the requirements without getting bogged down with the details. 

Improved Predictions 

With predictive analytics, companies can better analyze and predict consumer behavior, cultivation practices, market trends, and more. While human analysis can still be valuable, predictive analytic technology provides a more comprehensive and accurate look into all operations. 

These powerful algorithms enable companies to identify cultivation-related patterns and inconsistencies to yield better harvests and healthier plants. They also allow companies to monitor customer preferences and purchase patterns for more effective targeted marketing campaigns. Predictive analytics can prevent dispensaries from over-purchasing inventory and keeping costs down. 

Better Customer Retail Experiences 

Point of Sale (POS) systems that incorporate age verification, purchase limit monitoring, and integration with inventory management systems ensure a smooth customer experience. These systems must be equipped to handle customers who want a quick in-and-out experience. POS systems with all these integrations also ensure legal compliance, a win-win for customers and operators. 

Enhanced Security 

The cannabis industry handles sensitive information all the time. From private customer details to exclusive business data, companies are responsible for always staying on top of security. One data breach can end it all for a business. 

Maintaining security has become easier over the years thanks to robust encryption and security protocols available through advanced technologies. 

Reaching the Ultimate Goal 

With the cannabis industry’s continued rapid growth comes a need for technologies that can match its swift pace. My time with PROTEUS420 has shown me how possible this is, and I take great pride in contributing to a technological revolution that progresses in tandem with the cannabis sector, driving further advancements and innovations.

We now have a functional, holistic technological framework that pushes us toward the main objective: a future where cannabis businesses operate with absolute efficiency and compliance. Those who integrate these technologies into their business models will reap the benefits through every step of their evolution. 

Photo by Simon Kadula on Unsplash

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