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What Happened in Weed Last Week: July 1-5

Last week in weed, we saw Maryland top one billion dollars in sales. Nebraska made steps towards possible medical legalization, while many in Massachusetts fell short of overturning federal prohibition. Meanwhile, New Jersey and Wyoming lawsuits highlight the ongoing challenges for medical patients and operators. 

Here are some quick hits of the news from July 1st through July 5th to catch you up on what happened in weed last week.

Monday, July 1

  • Several Massachusetts businesses saw their case for overturning federal pot prohibition dismissed by a federal judge.  
  • Many Minnesota shop owners fear that the revised regulations that were passed in May could limit their chances of getting a license next year. 
  • One year after Maryland’s cannabis rec sales began, the state’s market is raking in sales, but health worries remain a concern
  • Florida Governor DeSantis’s legalization opposition campaign earned $10,000, far short of the millions earned by pro-legalization efforts. 
  • A Martha’s Vineyard retailer recently reopened after ocean deliveries were approved. 

Tuesday, July 2

  • Ohio’s rec cannabis site lottery raised fairness concerns, with reports that four companies gained an advantage to gain more lottery balls for the drawing. 
  • Minnesota generated $10 million from hemp-derived THC sales in the first year–but could it earn more?
  • A national cable company was accused of violating disability laws by pulling back a job offer to a New Jersey medical marijuana patient. 
  • Illinois saw an uptick in Black- and gay-owned cannabis businesses.
  • Eleven Wyoming hemp retailers and sellers sued the state over its synthetic cannabis variant regulations. 

Wednesday, July 3

  • After almost falling short of the required number, Nebraska advocates submitted signatures to get medical marijuana on the November ballot. 
  • Maryland generated more than $1 billion during its first year of legal adult use sales.
  • An unlicensed New York City pot shop in Brooklyn was raided for illicit sales and allegations of printing fake labels. 

Thursday, July 4

  • Despite North Carolina’s opposition, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians launched its adult use sales on July 4th. 
  • Cannabis medtech brand Overseed raised €6.7M as France appears close to legalizing medical regulations. 
  • South Korean travelers were warned about consuming infused foods and beverages while traveling overseas.

Friday, July 5

  • State officials in Delaware warned would-be social equity applicants of scam attempts from out-of-state entities.
  • While Nebraska’s medical ballot initiative appears to have reached its goal, a petition to legalize sales in Hermiston, Oregon, was not successful

That’s a bit of what went down in weed last week. Did we miss anything? Send us a message, and we’ll do our best to round up all the essentials next week. 


  • Andrew Ward is the managing editor at Cannabis & Tech Today, author, freelance copywriter and brand strategist.


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