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Infinite CBD Founder and Veteran Advocates for Accessibility

My personal experience with CBD is a blend of both my own experiences and those of friends and family.

I believe in CBD because it worked for me and that’s all I needed to know.

When I started to see how it was positively affecting those around me, I knew it was time to step up and do what I could to let people know, “Hey, there might be a natural alternative that works better.”

And here we are, many years later and Infinite CBD stands strong, ready to continue cannabis education and distribution of trustworthy products.

Importance Of Cannabis Education

John Ramsay, Iraq Veteran and CEO of Infinite CBD. Photo courtesy of Infinite CBD.

As you may already know, I’m a veteran.

I’ve seen every ailment you can name and then some, mind and body alike.

Soldiers are a unique group of people to consider when talking about cannabis, and I really do thank my experience serving for giving me the understanding of cannabis that I have now.

So many of my fellow soldiers have become lifelong friends, and they’ve been along for any and all successes I’ve achieved.

Weed for Warriors really hit home because I know these guys.

Maybe not directly, but I know what they’re going through.

Weed for Warriors is awesome because they really shed light on what’s going on with those who have served in the military.

Too many veterans come home and have no way to deal with whatever they brought back with them – whether it be mental weight they’re now carrying or a physical issue.

Sure, some go through their doctor and try out medications until they see improvements – and I know for some people that is the appropriate route to take.

But offering a natural alternative that doesn’t lead to addiction?

Now, we’re really talking about improving their quality of life. 

Looking Out For Other Veterans

Photo of John Ramsay during his time in the Military. Photo courtesy of Infinite CBD.

I really don’t shy away from my identity as a veteran.

Even a few of my current employees are veterans!

So, a partnership like our current one with Weed for Warriors is just another step in making sure that my products are improving the quality of life around the world, veterans included. 

In my personal life specifically, I do love cannabis.

CBD and every other cannabinoid imaginable have been on this journey with me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I’m not claiming that cannabis plants are a “cure all” by any means.

But, if you asked me “Hey John, is there a time that cannabis let you down?”

I would have to respond, “Never.”

Personally, it’s even become a hobby of mine.

Exploring different strains and methods of consumption never gets old.

It may not be the solution for everyone and I respect that in totality.

However, I do always remind people that it’s worth the try.

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