The CBD Expo Tour is on a Roll. Next Stop: CBD Expo East

Written by: Nicholas Demski

From balms to vape pens and coffee to pet edibles, CBD Expo West had something for every CBD enthusiast. The marquee event was held by MACE Media Group in Anaheim, California late last month, and it hosted incredible brands, excited consumers, and CBD professionals from around the country.

Attendees were treated with the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with brands like The CBDistillery, CBDology Branding, Flower of Life, and Clear Bright Dawn. It was a feast for the eyes–and endocannabinoid system–as people were treated with free samples from an array of gorgeous products.

Despite the aesthetics of the event, perhaps the most exciting part of CBD Expo West was the speakers and panels. The speakers represented a group of experts handpicked by the publisher and editorial team of CBD Health and Wellness MagazineIn the panel discussions, there were informative discussions, heart-warming stories, and vital talks given about what’s happening at the forefront of the CBD industry.

Exciting Presentations at CBD Expo West

In a presentation about how CBD improves the lives of patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, the panel included war veterans, business experts, and healer and former Bravo reality TV star Shira Adler. Together, they outlined the organic aspect of healing with CBD and how it’s a medicine given to us from the Earth. They dove deep into the science and healing process of CBD. From aromatherapy with CBD to consuming it under the tongue, the panelists outlined a plethora of ways to heal. Noting that consumers go into dispensaries for three reasons, “pain, anxiety, and insomnia,” the panelists surmised that those symptoms are usually interconnected, and can be concurrently treated.

When asked by audience how they felt about companies testing for employment, the panelists noted that many employers don’t test for CBD. In a critical piece of insight, Dr. Burnetta Thomas–a former federal police officer–informed the crowd that hemp CBD products are allowed to have .3% THC, and that continuously taking such CBD products increases the likelihood that one would fail a drug test for THC.

In another discussion about the research being done in CBD, panelists ranged from cannabinoid pharmacological company CEOs, science directors, and CBD business leaders. A disturbing point was brought up during the discussion: testing labs aren’t testing in a uniformed way across the industry and not all labs are testing in a pragmatic, careful way. The panel expressed consensus for the need for cannabis businesses to perform due diligence in their selection of testing labs.

Despite everyone agreeing on that, there were strong disagreements among the panelists as to how cannabinoids and terpenes should be applied medically–e.g. as a whole plant or an isolate. The disagreements lead to a spirited debate that was an informative as it was thought-provoking.

Perhaps the most interesting panel discussion featured Doctors of Veterinary Medicine Gary Richter, Dr. Robert J. Klostermann, and Tim Shu. When discussing the American Veterinary Medical Association, the panelists went into detail about how the AVMA does not permit veterinarians to discuss cannabis and cannabinoids. For practicing veterinarians in California, Tim Shu said, they are “not allowed to discuss, recommend, or prescribe cannabis products.”

Even if a patient is to ask their vet about cannabis treatments for their pets, vets are cautious. They fear discussing the issue could land them in trouble either with their licensing or with the law. Outside of the panel discussions, there dozens of exhibitors on the main floor with beautiful new products to get familiar with.

Awesome Products Receive Distinguished Awards

CBD Expo West wouldn’t have been the same without all the fantastic brands and engaging products brought to the event. While there were many products to be proud of, here are a few of the top products who deservedly took home a trophy and bragging rights until next year.

Best CBD Edible

Though there were plenty of delicious products at the event from distinguished companies that are deep in the CBD edible niche, there could only be one winner. The judges considered several factors when determining the winner: taste, smell, look, packaging, and ingredients. In the end, the winner was a delicious peach-flavored gummy that came in 30mg rings. Made with organic and vegan ingredients, its stylish packaging, impressive nutrition label, and useful QR code sent it over the top. The winner for the best edible product was the CBD Peach Pleasure Organic/Vegan Gummy by CBD Lion.

Best CBD Vape

Vape pens are the rage these days, and there is steep competition to be the best. When making their difficult decision, the judges at CBD Expo West were focused on six items: packaging, ingredients, intensity of feeling, smell, smoothness of draw, and the taste. The winner was an organically-sourced CBD blend. As a health and wellness company that emphasizes its approach to outcome-driven CBD products, Dr. Delights’ Relieve CBD Vape Pen took home to the trophy. Rose Burnett–co-founder and product designer of Dr. Delights–says that their pens simply “taste and work the best.

Best CBD Topical Lotion

For localized aches and pains–like I get in my hands typing thousands of words each day–CBD topicals are a natural and healthy way to acquire pain relief. In this competition, judges qualified topicals based on five factors: the packaging, ingredients, smell, texture, and post-application feel on the skin.

In what is described as a “warming lotion formulated to work synergistically” with your body, the winner was presented in a touching design that perfectly matched its copy and brand. The TLC – FallWinter lotion created by Little Flower Colo. Hemp Company received the gold with its unique blend of essential oils and full-spectrum hemp extract. If you missed this amazing event and are feeling left out, there’s a remedy as natural as CBD: the next CBD Expo.

Upcoming CBD Expo Events

In less than two months, CBD Expo East will be kicking off in Orlando, Florida.

Held at the Hilton Orlando on December 7th and 8th, the event has already scheduled over 90 exhibitors! Expect more lively discussions between experts in the research, business, and globalization sides of CBD. With moderators like Christina De Giovanni, publisher at The Emerald Magazine, running the show, attendees will hear from attorneys, science directors, medical researchers, and from the COOs and CEOs of major companies.

Exhibitors will have the chance to connect with purchasing agents and buyers from giant companies like Whole Foods, GNC, and Vitamin World. At the same time, consumers and CBD enthusiasts will be in attendance, curious to find new products and connect with new ways to heal and live a healthy lifestyle. CBD Expo East in Orlando plans to outdo CBD Expo West. With more exhibitors and expanded press coverage headed to Florida–including in USA Today–this may be the CBD event of the year! As the year that the World Health Organization declared CBD to be medically beneficial with almost zero health risks, there may not be a better event to attend.

Open to the public, CBD Expo West will feature incredible workshops that focus on connecting recruiters with talent and investors with entrepreneurs. It’s a CBD event that is for anyone who is touched by this impressive compound, if you’re interested in learning more about CBD Expo West or purchasing your ticket to attend, please visit the event’s homepage. A ticket purchase before November will save you $100 off the door price, and you’ll have access to all the speakers, exhibits, workshops, and panel discussions that you can handle.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.

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