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Temporary Talent

In the United States, there are more workers employed in the legal cannabis industry than there are dental hygienists. That’s according to a 2019 study conducted by Leafly and Whitney Economics. Per their report, the largest sector of new job creation in the U.S. is legal cannabis.

With all of these workers, it may come as a surprise that finding skilled temporary labor is still a challenge. Do they have the proper experience, certifications, and mindset to work effectively within your organization? More importantly, can you trust them to be a valued member of your team, even if it’s just for a few weeks or months while seeking a long-term fit?

Finding a qualified consultant to assist with a short-term project or expansion can also be difficult. Who can you trust? How much will it cost? Have they worked on similar projects? Finding an experienced consultant could make the difference between a successful expansion or a costly overreach.

For business owners seeking consultants or temporary talent, new resources are making the search easier than ever. Companies like CannabizTEMP are offering employers a much-needed tool for sourcing skilled labor quickly and effectively.

CEO and founder of CannabizTEMP Liesl Bernard shared how her team is able to effectively source qualified candidates for such a wide variety of positions: “We often find people from other industries, who can transition into the cannabis industry very easily, who have the necessary expertise. For instance, food, consumer packaging, wine and spirits; people who have dealt with regulated industries usually transition very well.”

Perhaps one of the most important innovations to come out of such programs is the ability to hire consultants on an hourly or contract basis. This can be an invaluable resource for those who are just entering the space, as well as for seasoned professionals seeking an outside perspective on how to grow their brand.

Bernard explains, “If a cannabis company is looking to open up a bunch of dispensaries, we have consultants who can come in and help them set it up. They’ll help them merchandise correctly, help them hire the right staff, and then make sure the operational models and SOPs are in place and basically get it up and running. Really for any vertical of the cannabis industry, we have consultants who could work on a contract or hourly basis.”

Some services, like CannabizTEMP, use a ranking service where consultants and temporary employees are rated by their performance. This ensures temporary hires are incentivized to perform at their best and gives employers a scale to inform their hiring decisions.

Rating systems are one tool staffing agencies use to refine their selections. Bernard detailed some of the other ways tech can be useful in recruiting: “If we’re looking for people with a certain skill set, we can search our robust database for people who are a match in certain areas. We also have very advanced LinkedIn search tools that we use in order to identify candidates who are a potential match. Technology is a big part of recruiting in any industry today.”

Whether seeking seasonal hires, short-term stand-ins, or a qualified consultant, temporary staffing agencies are providing a vital bridge between talent and opportunity.


  • Patricia Miller is an executive editor at Innovative Properties Worldwide. She explores science, technology, and policy shaping the legal cannabis sector. Follow her work when you subscribe to Cannabis & Tech Today at or visit her website

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