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Equity and Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry

Taking a closer look at the innovative companies and organizations creating a more inclusive and equitable cannabis industry.

1 month ago

Highlighting the Voices of Those Working Towards Change

Taking a look at prominent cannabis industry leaders who have been campaigning for reform, working to ensure the demographics of…

2 months ago

Strategies for Social Equity Success in the Cannabis Industry

As legal cannabis booms, there is an unprecedented opportunity to ensure people in communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition can…

3 months ago

Growing a Competitive Advantage from Cultivation to Consumption

As this budding industry to grow, it must embrace the principles of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Frameworks and…

3 months ago

How To Build Leadership Teams That Will Create a Lasting Impact in Emerging Industries

When you build out an executive team in emerging industries like cannabis, there are special leadership challenges. Here’s what you…

4 months ago

Can Cannabis Buyers Make the Industry More Equitable and Sustainable?

Many are realizing that buying responsibly from cannabis companies who care can make a real difference in the industry and…

5 months ago

Day 2 of the Cannabis Industry’s Only Underwater Business Conference

Day 2 of the Summer Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference was a success! Attendees got the chance to be inspired by…

5 months ago

Quick Hits: Criminal and Social Justice Reform in Cannabis Industry

Organizations fighting for criminal and social justice reform in cannabis industry. Connecticut's adult-use legalization bill to expunge criminal records. Cannabis news,…

6 months ago

Technology, Social Equity, and the Cannabis Industry

Why hasn’t the cannabis industry impacted communities of color as positively as expected, and what can those involved in cannabis…

6 months ago

Insiders Talk Social Equity in Massachusetts Cannabis Industry

We spoke with the owners of Massachusetts dispensary chain Canna Provisions, Meg Sanders and Erik Williams, to learn more about…

7 months ago

North Carolina Legislators Propose Bill to Legalize Marijuana

On April 20th, the widely celebrated holiday honoring the marijuana plant, North Carolina lawmakers introduced a bill to legalize cannabis. 

7 months ago

Seth Rogen and the “Enabling” Culture in Cannabis

Actress Charlyne Yi called out Seth Rogen on Instagram “for enabling predatory behavior,” detailing the work environment on set of…

8 months ago

Ricardo Willis Becomes First African American CEO of a Cannabis Vaporizer Company

Cannabis & Tech Today talked with Ricardo Willis about his new position, social equity, and how he’ll continue to be…

8 months ago

How are Industry Leaders in Cannabis Working to Dismantle Systemic Racism?

Cannabis industry leaders are demanding change. How can the cannabis community dismantle the oppressive systems in place and what can…

10 months ago

Roll Up Life Inc. Combines Cannabis with Social Equity

Roll Up Life Inc. was created to help in the decriminalization of marijuana and provide people of color more opportunities…

11 months ago

EquityWorks! Incubator: Lowering Barriers for BIPOC Entrepreneurs

BIPOC Entrepreneurs face multiple barriers to entering the cannabis space. These innovative startups are working to provide access in creative…

1 year ago