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Social Cannabis Use Reform Will Revolutionize Consumption Technology

Social cannabis use reform is the next frontier for activism efforts across the globe. For those that do not know…

6 days ago

Italy’s Government Will Not Block Cannabis Legalization Referendum

Cannabis reform is sweeping the European continent, as evidenced by the fact that Malta recently passed the continent’s first-ever adult-use…

3 weeks ago

Is This Cannabinoid Being Overlooked as a Treatment for Autism?

The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 1 out of every 160 children has some level of Autism…

4 weeks ago

The Dutch Cannabis Experiment Is Expanding

Momentum for adult-use cannabis reform on the European continent is stronger now than ever before, as demonstrated by lawmakers in…

4 weeks ago

Bring Your Business Cards to ZJ Events’ BizCann Expo

Navigating the cannabis industry takes knowledge and passion. For those seeking both, the Bizcann Expo offers curated educational sessions, expert…

1 month ago

Thailand Establishes an International Medical Cannabis Research Center

Thailand is a regional leader when it comes to medical cannabis policy. It was the first country in its entire…

2 months ago

Will Adult-Use Legalization in Europe Make Medical Cannabis Programs Unnecessary?

Due in large part to the tireless efforts of cannabis activists in Europe, medical cannabis is now commonplace throughout the…

2 months ago

A Very Big Company Just Jumped Into Canada’s Cannabis Industry

News broke early this week that Uber Technologies Inc is teaming up with Canadian cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke. The news…

2 months ago

A Plea for Consistent Cannabis Regulations in Europe

Cannabis reform will not wait for countries to get on the same page — the reform movement will continue to…

2 months ago

Is a German Cannabis Technology Boom on the Horizon?

The incoming governing coalition in Germany, often referred to as the "traffic light coalition" recently announced plans to introduce an…

2 months ago

New Study Completely Debunks a Major Anti-Cannabis Talking Point

Canada was not the first nation to legalize cannabis for adult use. That title will always go to Uruguay, which…

2 months ago

When is Mexico Voting on Cannabis Legalization?

When it comes to adult-use cannabis legalization, Mexico has experienced more twists and turns than most other countries. Cannabis prohibition…

2 months ago

Frenchy Cannoli: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Let's remember the late Frenchy Cannoli, who won our hearts in his exclusive interview with Cannabis & Tech Today.

2 months ago

Is Weed Legal in Canada? A Guide to Local Regulations

More and more countries worldwide are legalizing weed. In Canada, its use is legal, however, under some restrictions. Are you…

2 months ago

Does Cannabis Help With Recovery After Exercise?

Exercising regularly is a very important part of an overall health strategy at any age.  It is recommended that people…

2 months ago

What the United States Can Learn From Canada’s Cannabis Clarity

The inherent contradictions of American cannabis laws seem to appear in the news almost every week. At the state level,…

2 months ago

Will U.S.Legalization Hurt International Cannabis Stocks?

Cannabis stocks jumped this week on news that a Republican-led cannabis legalization measure was being circulated in the United States.…

2 months ago

New Zealand Boosts Cannabis Research

Fortunately for the future of the nation's cannabis policy, New Zealand recently announced additional funding for cannabis research.

2 months ago

A Recent Study Sheds Light On Cannabis Genetic Labeling

Cannabis strain names and the indica/sativa categorization model are archaic in many ways, and the cannabis community should move to…

3 months ago

Can Cannabis Extracts Effectively Treat Lung Tumors?

Researchers in Britain recently conducted a case study involving a lung cancer patient and cannabis extracts.

3 months ago