cannabis legalization

A Plea for Consistent Cannabis Regulations in Europe

Cannabis reform will not wait for countries to get on the same page — the reform movement will continue to…

6 days ago

Is a German Cannabis Technology Boom on the Horizon?

The incoming governing coalition in Germany, often referred to as the "traffic light coalition" recently announced plans to introduce an…

6 days ago

New Study Completely Debunks a Major Anti-Cannabis Talking Point

Canada was not the first nation to legalize cannabis for adult use. That title will always go to Uruguay, which…

2 weeks ago

When is Mexico Voting on Cannabis Legalization?

When it comes to adult-use cannabis legalization, Mexico has experienced more twists and turns than most other countries. Cannabis prohibition…

2 weeks ago

Elias Theodorou is First Professional Athlete to Compete in U.S. With Medical Cannabis Exemption

Elias Theodorou, MMA fighter and medical cannabis advocate, will be competing with an exemption for the use of medical cannabis.…

2 weeks ago

Is Weed Legal in Canada? A Guide to Local Regulations

More and more countries worldwide are legalizing weed. In Canada, its use is legal, however, under some restrictions. Are you…

3 weeks ago

Panama Legalizes Medical Cannabis

In a historic move for the Latin American region, Panama officially legalized cannabis for medical use this month.

1 month ago

Avoiding Common Processing Pitfalls with Cannabinoid Infused Beverages

Great care needs to be taken when producing cannabinoid infused beverages to ensure that the drink meets quality targets during…

2 months ago

California Governor Signs Bill to Legalize Hemp in Food and Supplements

The California state legislature has passed Assembly Bill 45, which will set regulations and requirements for the production and marketing…

2 months ago

America is Becoming an International Xanadu for Cannabis Tourism

As a growing number of states legalize adult use, America is quickly turning into a playground for weed-loving tourists

2 months ago

Prohibiting Cannabis Cultivation In A Legal Country

Canada’s legalization model is not perfect, however, the intent of the law was straight forward - people should be able…

2 months ago

Amazon Fights for Cannabis Legalization

As America continues to legalize marijuana state-by-state, the nation’s second-biggest private employer Amazon is setting an example by urgently calling…

2 months ago

SAFE Banking Act Passes in the House (Again)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday morning the House of Representatives approved an updated version of the SAFE Banking Act, which provides…

2 months ago

First Medical Cannabis Prescription Issued in South Africa

Kwanda Mtetwa, who suffers from chronic pain after being injured in a serious motorcycle accident, was recently issued South Africa’s…

3 months ago

Strategies for Social Equity Success in the Cannabis Industry

As legal cannabis booms, there is an unprecedented opportunity to ensure people in communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition can…

3 months ago

Cannabis Business Leaders Should Look Into These Investments

As you look towards making investments for your business, there are a number of important trends to keep in mind.

3 months ago

Enlighten: Smart Tech Solutions to Set Your Cannabis Brand Apart

As of July 2020, there were 111 active adult-use licenses in the state of Michigan.With so many options available to…

3 months ago

Effort to Legalize Cannabis in Sri Lanka Gains Momentum

Sri Lanka doesn’t usually come up too often when discussing cannabis legalization. However, Thusitha Balasuriya, who is the leader of…

3 months ago

Current Trends in Banking for Cannabis-Related Businesses (CRBs)

Understanding the implications of doing business with a cannabis- related business is both challenging and necessary. Let's take a closer look…

3 months ago

What Cannabis-Buying Apps Mean for Consumers & Retailers

With the popularity of smart phone apps, this means a whole new experience for many cannabis sellers and buyers.

3 months ago