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This week, Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer signed groundbreaking legislation that regulates Delta-8 THC. 

While other states have outright banned the sale of Delta-8 THC, Michigan is setting the tone that it can be legally sold only by licensed cannabis retailers.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats — including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and U.S. Senator Cory Booker, (D-N.J.) — are proposing federal legislation to decriminalize cannabis.  

The plan will remove cannabis from the federal list of controlled substances and would allow states more autonomy to set their own cannabis law.

Get a mid-year economic update on how IRS Section 280E impacts the cannabis industry. 

Plus, download the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (NCIA) policy paper: The Medicine of Cannabis – An Overview for Medical Professionals and Policymakers.

Product Launches

Photo courtesy of Sacred TheraPeutics.

Finally, retail magic mushroom capsules are available! 

Psacred TheraPeutics‘ psilocybin and ashwaganda mushroom microdose capsules are available in Kingston, Jamaica at The Life Store on Constant Spring Road

A jar of 40 capsules retails between $55 to $58. 

Sacred TheraPeutics are known for supplying local doctors with raw biomass and psychedelic retreats with 1g psilocybin-infused chocolates. 

Baker’s Cannabis Co.

Baker’s Cannabis Co., part of Canndescent’s brand portfolio, expands with a line of infused pre-rolls at a budget-friendly price-point for legal, dispensary cannabis. 

The infused pre-rolls are filled with Baker’s strain-specific cannabis, available in either indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties, including Peach Ozz, Meat Breath, and Garlic Breath. (Why would anyone want that?)

Once rolled, Baker’s infuses the pre-rolls with oil, and blend-specific terpenes. 

Next, each joint is rolled in THC-rich kief. 

Baker’s Cannabis Co.

Baker’s infused pre-rolls are made with all-natural papers. a twisted end, and an easy-to light tip. 

They are packaged in air-tight tubes to preserve the coating and structure and placed crutch-side up for easy grabbing. 

Baker’s infused pre-rolls carry a suggested retail price of under $15 and are available in California. 

Conferences are back

CanEx Jamaica’s Psychedelics Summit, presented by Silo Wellness, took place June 15-16 at the Jewel Grande in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Panel discussion topics included Psychedelics Through Time: Understanding the Path from Indigenous use to Modern Application; Natural Medicine And the Challenge of Standardization; Understanding Patents and IP in The Psychedelics Industry; and Is Psychedelic Medicine for Everyone, among others. 

While Canadian Bruce Linton, Chairman of Red Light Holland’s Advisory Board and Doug Drsydale, CEO of Candian psychedelic biotech startup Cybin, delivered their keynotes via Zoom, additional CEOs including Nick Murry of Wake Network and Tesla La Touche, CEO of Aphrodite Health, appeared at the event in person. 

“The CanEx conference represents a wide swath of different stakeholders who want to grow the industry responsibly and showcase what Jamaica has to offer that is unique to the island. From Jasper (Degenaars, CEO of Fungi Academy) from the Netherlands who is so passionate about respecting the fungi, to the senators who want practical but not over-regulation,” said CanEx and Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon.  

High-level, side-bar discussions took place between local cannabis cultivation advocate Sara Brittany Somerset and the new Chairman of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), former journalist Mr. LeVaughn Flynn

The Chairman is working on an ambitious new blueprint for spearheading a revitalization of the Jamaican cannabis industry. 

Higher Property Values 

Clever, a real estate data company released a research report entitled, 2021 Study: How Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Impacts Home Values

The report explains that property values rose $17,113 in states where adult-use cannabis is legal, compared to states where cannabis is illegal or limited to medicinal use. 

With each new dispensary a city adds, property values increase by $519. 

Clever’s regression model controlled for population and initial home values to account for nationwide home price increases. 

Read the report to learn more about how marijuana legalization affects the real estate industry across the U.S. and its impact on states that have legalized it or are in the process of legalizing it.

Learn About Creating Edibles

Have you ever wondered how cannabis products are developed? 

Carolina Vazquez Mitchell is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for Ciencia Labs. 

With her background in Chemistry, Biophysics, and food technology she has developed over 60 cannabis products. 
In this webinar, The Science of Cannabis Formulations, she discusses how food science intersects with cannabis and how products are created.


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