New Study Indicates CBD is Good for Dogs Battling Cancer

Pets are very popular around the world.

 In fact, it is estimated that 57% of all households across the planet own at least one pet.

Anyone that has owned a pet will likely be very quick to tell you that their pet is a part of their family (and probably follow that up with an unprompted showing of pictures of said pet).

When it comes to levels of popularity, one type of pet is the most popular by far and second place isn’t close.

Roughly one-third of pet owners own a dog (33%). The next closest pet when it comes to popularity is cats (23%), followed by fish (12%).

Dog owners, along with other types of pet owners, get understandably sad and depressed when their pet is suffering from a health condition, especially cancer. 

Fortunately, the results of a recent study indicate CBD may help our suffering canine friends.

CBD and Urothelial Carcinoma Cells

The most common form of bladder cancer found in canines is urothelial carcinoma. 

Urothelial cells help the bladder expand when the dog’s bladder is full and contract when the bladder is empty.

Previous studies have found CBD can help humans suffering from bladder urothelial carcinoma and international researchers set out to find out if the same can be said with CBD and canines.

Cannabidiol reduced cell viability and induced apoptosis in canine urothelial cells as determined by crystal violet viability assay and annexin V/propidium iodide flow cytometry,” the researchers stated.

The researchers went on to say, “Furthermore, combinations of cannabidiol with mitoxantrone and vinblastine chemotherapy yielded significantly reduced cell viability and increased apoptosis compared to single agent treatment alone. The drug interactions were deemed synergistic based on combination index calculations.”

“Cannabidiol showed promising results as a single agent or in combination with mitoxantrone and vinblastine for treatment of canine urothelial carcinoma cells,” the researchers concluded.

Be Extra Careful With Animals and Cannabis

Before you rush out and obtain any and all cannabis products that you can find and give them to your dog or other pet, make sure to do your research.

Not all products, even CBD products, are created equal. CBD may be good for dogs, but other additives to CBD products that are designed for humans may not be good for dogs.

Also, dosage sizes can vary widely depending on the type of pet, the size of the pet, etc.

Always make sure to talk to your pet’s veterinarian before giving your pet CBD. Thankfully, more veterinarians are specializing in cannabis therapy for pets than ever before.


  • Johnny Green is the Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference and has blogged about cannabis since January 2010.

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