With the growing legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana comes a new wave of innovation in the science and business of the industry. That’s where we come in, providing you with inspiring business profiles, exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the field, new product revolution, and insight on new legislation and growth in the market in our innovation hot spots.

It’s our mission to lift the veil from this budding world of innovation, looking at its people and possibilities through a clever and sophisticated lens. After all this previously untapped enterprise has entered the mainstream when California approved recreational usage.

As new markets open up, you want to have an established marketing platform to make sure you’re positioned for success.

With a highly-developed distribution network (BtoB and BtoC) and numerous event partnerships, Cannabis & Tech Today is prepared to give your brand the exposure it deserves by utilizing print, online and onsite exposure all in cross-platform package. By collaborating with our brand, you can align your brand with the innovation and tech sweeping the nation.

Each quarterly issue is perfect bound, glossy, and coffee-table quality. With a $9.99 cover price and by it’s very design, it is meant not to be thrown away and as such has a very high pass-along readership.

“The legal cannabis industry is responsible for the creation of an estimated 150,000 full-time jobs.”

source: leafly.com 9-12-17

Editorial Outline


The world of cannabis cultivation and production is incredibly sophisticated, and some aspects may still be a mystery to the casual consumer. Our diverse array of stories highlight some of the most important innovations throughout the industry.

Innovator Profiles

This section is a veritable “who’s who” of the cannabis space. Through exclusive interview features, our Innovator Profiles will introduce you to the major influencers and  thought leaders of the industry.

Media & Entertainment

We take you behind the scenes with the biggest names in entertainment and media.  With exclusive interviews and thought-provoking features, our media & entertainment section provides insights into the popular culture of cannabis.

Events & Conferences

Keep up with the latest breakthroughs from our partners and affiliates with in-depth previews and coverage of events and conferences relevant to the booming cannabis industry.


Despite the major revelations the past few years, the real research on cannabis and related products has only just begun. Look for us to bring you all of the latest stories from this exciting new frontier.


Marijuana law can be difficult to navigate at times, having a major effect on both businesses and consumers. We’ll keep you up to date on all the major changes in cannabis legislation as the debate over legalization continues.

Product Revolution

In an industry of constant innovation, it’s vital to highlight the products needed for both modern cannabis consumers and businesses alike. Our Product Revolution section gathers the essential accessories that are revolutionizing the cannabis sector.

Each issue also contains features on:
  • Women In Business
  • STEM in Cannabis
  • Jobs of the Future, Jobs of Today
  • Blockchain and Security
  • Sustainability Advancements
  • Tech Zones


  • 25k printed per quarter – 3×1 pass along readership.
  • National newsstand rollout starting with 2018 Summer Issue at
    two major events.
  • 250k digital downloads/subscribers per quarter
  • Major digital newsstands and event partners/affiliate distribution.
  • Total readership minimum guaranteed 800k per year including print/digital/on-site.
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Full Page: $19,950 net/year
Double-Page Spread:  $32,000 net/year
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Single Issue

  • Cannabis & Tech Today Full Page Advertisement
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  • Access to agency like services, brand ambassadors and events*

Full Page: $7,500 net/per issue
Double-Page Spread:  $12,000 net/per issue
Partial Pages
Half Page: $4,500 net/per issue
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Prime Positions • Section Sponsorship • Native Advertising • Category Exclusivity • Agency Services

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