Marijuana Moguls You Should Know


As the legalization of marijuana continues to be a hot-button issue, we have compiled a list of some of the leaders in the budding (pun absolutely intended) cannabis industry that are advocating for and investing in the advancement of the legalization.

Justin Gover, CEO and Executive Director of GW Pharmaceuticals, has helped lead the company in financing and business development for nearly 20 years. GW Pharmaceuticals is a leader in providing medical treatments through the use of cannabinoids, with their top product being Epidiolex, which helps epileptic patients that have a drug-resistant form of epilepsy.

Co-founder and President of the Arcview Group, Steve DeAngelo has spent the last four decades advocating for marijuana use. The Arcview Group’s mission is “to forge a principled and profitable industry from the ashes of cannabis prohibition,” and their network of investors is composed of over 600 investors.

Celebrity Calvin Broadus, whom you might know as Snoop Dogg, is a well-known public proponent of and investor in the marijuana industry. Snoop is the director of Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital fund that focuses on investment within the cannabis industry.

Lakisha Jenkins, who holds a doctorate degree in naturopathy, is also a master herbalist, a member of the American Herbalist Guild, and a founding board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association. She aims to connect Western medicine to “alternative” remedies such as cannabis as a way to treat medical conditions.

One of the co-founders of Women Grow, Jazmin Hupp aims to connect those who are passionate about cannabis with other like-minded people by creating community events and programs that seek to influence culture at large. Hupp is dedicated to ensuring that women are involved in the future growth of the cannabis industry.

As support for the legalization for marijuana continues to gain steam, there are more and more opportunities to become involved in various capacities.

Want to meet more leaders in the cannabis industry? Check out the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo from November 15-17 in Las Vegas. We’ll see you there.

Featured Image: Justin Gover, CEO and Executive Director of GW Pharmaceuticals


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