Is Weed Legal in Canada? A Guide to Local Regulations

More and more countries worldwide are legalizing weed. In Canada, its use is legal, however, under some restrictions. Are you wondering if you can buy weed legally in Canada and in which quantities? In our guide, you’ll not only get familiar with the local regulations but also the proven methods to verify the quality of your weed.

The legalization movement is growing stronger in America, particularly on the Pacific Coast. The coastal states – Washington, Oregon, and California – were the pioneers in legalization, but now more and more states all over the country are taking the same path. In 2021, the recreational use of weed is also legal in Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, and Connecticut, among others. Many states have also decided to decriminalize marijuana and enable its medicinal use. It’s a big step forward that has inspired other countries worldwide. 

Canada was also one of the pioneers, enabling recreational use in October 2018. A year later, the cannabis-based edibles and concentrates became legal for sale. 

What are the restrictions regarding cannabis use in Canada?

Even though the weed is legal, there are some restrictions regarding the quantities. An adult individual can only possess up to 30 grams of cannabis. When it comes to the possession of plants, the law is quite liberal, allowing up to 4 cannabis plants per residence. 

In addition, the weed should come from a legal, verified source. The user should buy all the cannabis-derived products from provincially-licensed retailers or federally-licensed producers (depending on the regulations of a particular province).

How to buy weed online in Canada?

When searching for your cannabis products in Canada to order online, you should pay attention to the regulations listed above. Before ordering your weed, make sure that the distributor is on the list of federally licensed retailers. By choosing cannabis from an uncertain source, you may end up purchasing low-quality products and breaking the law. When searching for products containing delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids online, make sure to verify the company’s background.

If you are at the point of choosing the cannabis provider, it’s worth verifying if a particular company offers a wide variety of products and consultations. The cannabis world is fascinating, but without a guide, it can make you feel lost at the beginning. A company that puts its clients first will offer you advisory, guiding you through the varieties of cannabis as well as different properties of delta 8 THC weed and other variants. Buy weed online consciously!

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Patricia Miller is the Managing Editor for Cannabis & Tech Today. She covers science, technology, and policy shaping the legal cannabis industry. Miller is also an avid kayaker with a proclivity for picnicking. Follow her work on Twitter @_PMiller.

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