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Puffco Proxy’s Wizard Attachment Will Make You Feel Magical

Ready to inspire awe as a magical cannabis wizard? I’ll tell you how with some impressive new technology from Puffco. Let’s start with the basics. After all, you can’t become a wizard unless you’re wise in the ways of the herb.

Vaporizers are widely considered the healthiest method for inhaling flower. The verdict is still out on the health effects of vaporizing oil. Many vapes work with either dry cannabis flower or cannabis concentrates such as oil, wax, or shatter.

If you’re new to the cannabis scene, you likely started with cannabis flower, or perhaps you were introduced to vape pens, which offer a non-threatening way to dabble in legal cannabis products.

Dabbing of Days Past

Many people, both experienced cannabis connoisseurs and novice cannabis users, can find dabbing a bit intimidating. Dabbing is the act of inhaling small quantities of vaporized oil, hash, or concentrate. Cannabis concentrates like wax or shatter are typically highly potent, and even vape oils can be quite powerful.

The early days of dabbing involved blowtorches or special equipment and people who enjoyed concentrates were often seeking hard-hitting highs. Dabbing takes consumption to another, more intense level.

But, the vape and dabbing space has come a long way from e-nails, hot knives, and torches (though these items are still widely available and a preference for many).

Advanced technology is changing the process and the way people experience concentrates.

This author was once intimidated by dabbing. It seemed difficult and caused too intense of a high. Fortunately, consumption technology company Puffco has been making dabbing more accessible for years.

Its inventive, innovative products take the blowtorch out of the equation and offer consistent temperatures, smooth hits, and easy-to-clean portability that you won’t find with many other dab products. 

Puffco Changes Consumption

I was first introduced to the brand via the Puffco Peak, a high-class dab rig that allowed me to enjoy concentrates for the first time.

Previously, my experience with dabbing had been that the hit was too big, it tasted harsh, and I became too high to enjoy myself.

The Puffco Peak

The Peak experience is like if a business person wanted to enjoy a dab before an important meeting.

It offers adjustable settings so I could take the right hit for my preference, amplified the terpene profile of the concentrate, and left me with a high that enhanced my functionality rather than limiting it.

I’ve been a Puffco fan ever since. 

Now, Puffco has elevated its technology once again. The Puffco Proxy debuted in June 2022.

Puffco Proxy

It’s a little device you can hold in your palm, about the size of a long marshmallow (Americans will use anything other than the metric system, right?).

The palm-sized Proxy can slide into Puffco adapters of various sizes to create completely new smoking experiences.

The palm-sized Proxy can slide into Puffco adapters of various sizes to create completely new smoking experiences.

Pop it into a Sherlock-style pipe and solve complex mysteries or slide it into a Gandalf-esque wizard pipe and puff your way through the shire.

It’s wildly cool and a versatile approach to the vaping experience

Becoming a Wizard

I’m enamored with the Proxy Wizard. It sits in the hand nicely and lets the user casually puff away while looking, I assume, extremely badass.

The Proxy has several temperature settings ranging from low to high.

For advanced users it offers a “boost” mode so you can turn the heat back on during a single dab making it last longer and hit stronger.

The Puffco Wizard

The user is alerted by haptic feedback (in other words, it vibrates) when the device has reached the desired temperature.

The user enjoys their dab until it’s gone, then the device automatically turns off (unless boost mode has been activated).

As someone who actively sought out unusual smokeware in college (and had a bit of a LOTR obsession), the Wizard is a nostalgic, fun way to enjoy a high-tech vape.

Did I mention the Proxy also has an attachment that enables it to vape flower? It’s a versatile piece of hardware. 

Puffco CEO and Founder Roger Volodarsky seems to enjoy creating new iterations of his products that lend themselves to creativity and playfulness.

At the same time, Puffco devices are intuitive and recognizable.

The Puffco Proxy with Wizard attachment.

“Puffco prides itself on providing pathways that make the plant more approachable with devices like the Proxy that [are] easy-to-use and familiar in form,” Volodarsky shared in a statement.

Tech Specs

The Proxy is powered by the company’s patented 3D Chamber technology that heats the sides of the ceramic bowl rather than the bottom.

Puffco claims this approach preserves the quality of the concentrate and provides “the most flavorful hash experience possible.” I can’t say I disagree.

The Proxy is available in different colors, with the Desert being the most recent finish to debut. It’s inspired by earth tones and natural colors.

Many of Puffco’s products lend themselves to customization if a glass artist were so inclined. Both the Peak and the Proxy are easily adapted to custom glasswork. 

I was provided with a Puffco Proxy at no charge. I am under no obligation to write this review, but felt compelled to do so by my sheer satisfaction with the device.

If you’d like to learn more about it or purchase your own, check out Cannabis & Tech Today does not receive monetary compensation if you purchase products mentioned in our reviews.

If you find yourself falling in love with the Proxy, tell us about it on social media and tag us @cannatechtoday.



  • Ebby Stone is a freelance writer specializing in cannabis, with a focus on the innovators and businesses shaping the industry.

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