GPS and GCNC Join Forces to Build a Stronger Cannabis Industry

Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS.Global), a team of sustainable cannabis, hemp, and CBD consultants, recently acquired the Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC). 

The GCNC, founded by Chris Day and Jillian Reddish, is a growing network of cannabis professionals working to accelerate international cannabis trade.

While Day and Reddish will continue to operate the GCNC, they will also be overseeing GPS executive positions and joining the GPS Board of Directors.

Day and Reddish will assume the titles of Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for Communications, respectively. 

“The GCNC is known for a culture of C-Suite members who understand the value in knowledge shared across sectors and cultures. That understanding is also an essential ingredient in the collaborative client relationships that GPS is known for. By expanding this ecosystem of cannabis leaders, everybody wins,” said Day.

“The GCNC will continue to operate as it has but this acquisition provides more support and depth of expertise to serve the goals of GCNC members worldwide.”

Prior to founding the GCNC, Day created Project Evolve, which is a marketing think tank for small or emerging businesses to gain marketing leadership skills, business expertise, and hands-on experience within the cannabis space.

On the GCNC’s website, Day said he spent years creating trusted partnerships and now wants to collectively build an industry, supporting other businesses in the process. With the GPS partnership, Day will be doing just that.

This acquisition will open new pathways for GPS to further support the development of cannabis as an economic accelerator.

The company will be working with sizable and modest companies, well-capitalized individuals, capital fund managers, and global governments to minimize risk and responsibly maximize return.

Taylor McLamb

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