Going Beyond Typical Security to Lock Down the Cannabusiness with M1

Like any sector, the cannabis industry requires various levels of security. This not only reflects the physical side of security, but also the growing need for cybersecurity as IoT devices become more commonplace. While break-ins are undoubtedly a legitimate threat, the amount of cyberattacks on companies large and small is on the rise, especially when you consider that hacking attempts on businesses almost doubled between 2016 and 2017.

This is where companies such as ELK Products can help, offering physical security with IoT benefits and defenses against cyberattacks. This is done through the company’s M1 Security & Automation Controls, an incredibly innovative detection system. The M1 can benefit dispensary owners with its various reporting capabilities, including through the internet, cellular pathways, and phone lines.

The system can even be self-monitored. However, transmission of life safety alarms may also be communicated to traditional monitoring stations if desired. The company’s security offerings go far deeper than motion detection and checking when a window or door has been opened, as the system’s access control also excels when it comes to access control, utilizing everything from key fobs to PIN codes for added security.

In addition to assisting dispensaries with security on a number of levels, M1 can be highly beneficial to cultivators. The system is able to detect changes in humidity and temperature, which could be a huge advantage for growhouses throughout the industry looking to ensure their plants remain stable.

Additionally, the system’s abilities address the many energy-related issues that tend to plague the cannabis space. As growhouses can struggle with sustainability, M1’s automation features, which allow it remote control of thermostats, lights, fans, and more, can increase energy management exponentially.

One of the most beneficial aspects of utilizing M1 is, whether you are a cannabis cultivator or dispensary owner, the technology is easily approachable. Because of its smart device integration, M1 helps users check in and even receive important alerts. This integration allows texts, emails, and phone calls to be sent when needed, adding an extra sense of security, with cloud-based service further simplifying system management. Security personnel for growers or dispensaries may view cameras, openings/closings, environmental conditions, and more – for one or multiple locations. It allows an unlimited amount of email status alerts (security or environmental) while enhancing the remote control capability of M1 and simplifying the user experience.

Finally, in our connected world, cybersecurity is a definite focus, and ELK has taken that into account with the M1. The system was designed to provide a shield to protect against cyber threats and hackers, a necessity for many businesses. Because of its lightning-fast processor, M1 is a step ahead of the competition when it comes to cyber threats. Utilizing frequency hopping, jamming detection, and encryption to battle typical connected tech dangers, M1 is truly an innovative device for the world of IoT.

In an industry where sustainability and security are as essential as ever, cannabis businesses can definitely benefit from integrating a security solution such as M1. Protecting on the physical and cyber sides, providing approachable controls, and monitoring temperature and energy use, M1 is a smart, innovative solution for anyone involved in the cannabis industry.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay user TheDigitalWay

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