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Factors That Affect the Potency & Flavor of Cannabis and How to Deal With Them

Avid smoker or an occasional toker, no one wants a bland and impotent flower. There are many ways you can keep the potency from dropping and largely they all have to do with storage. 

Improper storage can lead to a decrease in cannabis quality and, as a result, your experiences with the flower can be significantly reduced. The main factors to consider to preserve cannabis at its highest quality and potency are humidity, light, moisture, and smells usually caused by paraphernalia that can affect the taste of the cannabis.

Here’s a list of things that can harm your cannabis and how to combat them.


Some types of light can be especially harmful to delicate flowers, such as cannabis. We all know that UV rays are extremely harmful and can even cause skin burns to the human body. The cannabis is a delicate flower and UV rays don’t seem to spare anything in their path.

Direct exposure to UV rays can cause your cannabis to lose quality and the potency to diminish. Always store cannabis in dark and chilly places where you are certain that no sun can get through. For example, in your basement.


We could never associate air with being an enemy almost in every field, but in some cases, air can be exactly that. Air speeds up the degradation process and you will find yourself with crumbly buds. The precious trichomes are what make cannabis such a spiritual experience. The heads of the trichomes are full of THC and you don’t want them going bad.

A good solution for this problem is to use airtight containers or mason jars. Of course, the old-fashioned mason jar does the trick, but make sure the cap is not made from aluminum as aluminum tends to leave a metallic taste to your cannabis. Don’t forget to store it out of lights way.


If you need to store your cannabis on the go for two-three days then plastic bags can come in handy but they aren’t the long-term solution many aficionados are looking for. Sure, plastic bags protect the buds from air and light but they also do a significant amount of damage during the packaging process. In addition to that, the static charge of the bags makes trichomes stick to the sides of the plastic, ultimately reducing the potency of the THC.

The solution to this problem is to use high-quality boxes specialized for cannabis storage. Weed stash boxes will keep your buds perfect and you won’t have to worry about humidity or crumbly buds.


To ensure that your cannabis efficacy isn’t reduced, always store cannabis below 70 degrees F. Storing cannabis at higher temperatures can damage the cannabis and destroy the terpenes and cannabinoids. 


Now, some people will jump to the conclusion that cold places can also mean the refrigerator, but that’s far from the truth. When refrigerated, buds start to mold and your cannabis is going to become subpar.  

While freezing, on the other hand, is such a complicated process that you are simply better off. The frozen buds are extremely fragile and brittle, the valuable trichomes will be falling left and right and by now, you know what that means when it comes to potency.


Humidity and cannabis don’t get along very well. You have to constantly keep the mold contamination and microbial growth at bay. To tackle this problem you might want to consider investing in a humidor. Many people associate humidors with cigars only, but that’s not the case anymore.

Humidors are perfect as they control the levels of humidity keeping your buds fresh and ready to use. You can also store up to four different strains of cannabis and keep them fresh for special occasions down the line.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying cannabis is a wonderful and spiritual experience that can provide quality time. And while pestering nemeses always find a way to spoil the party, thankfully, we can find a way around these hurdles.

Always keep your cannabis in dark and chilly places and pay attention to the temperature. Don’t be tempted by the word chilly and stash your cannabis in the refrigerator. Plastic bags aren’t your friends so replace them with something classy. That being said, we wish you wonderful experiences combined with potent cannabis.

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