Social Cannabis Use Reform Will Revolutionize Consumption Technology

Social cannabis use reform is the next frontier for activism efforts across the globe. For those that do not know…

6 days ago

7 Uplifting THC Drinks for the Holidays

Take some of the stress out of the holidays with THC- and CBD-infused beverages. In a recent report from data…

1 month ago

Cannabis Delivery in Colorado Sucks. Here’s How to Change It

It's been an exciting year for Colorado's cannabis market. In May, the state crossed the benchmark of $10 billion in…

1 month ago

Automating Light in a Greenhouse Environment

Light is a key element in any controlled environment. Plants need an ideal amount of light depending on the type…

1 month ago

Unlocking the Secrets to Retail Success

Who’s allowed in the counting room? Are all your keys ready for the next shift? There are a lot of…

2 months ago

A Cannabis Gift Guide for Cyber Monday and More

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” Peg Bracken, author. One aspect…

2 months ago

4 Ways to Optimize Your SaaS Business

Businesses of all types rely on technology for various needs – project management, payroll, financials, compliance, retail, communication – the…

2 months ago

How Big Data and AI are Driving the CBD Gummies Industry

The CBD industry is growing rapidly in such a way that companies are often failing to meet the demand-supply goals.…

5 months ago

Why These Edibles Activate Quickly and Offset Predictably

Wouldn’t it be nice if the effects of cannabis edibles were as consistent as the effects of alcohol? Each beer…

6 months ago

B-Real And Kenji Fujishima Want to Grow Your Pot

B-Real of Cypress Hill launches THC Controls, an industrial automation system that perfects indoor cultivation operations.

6 months ago

5 Tips to Keep Your Vape Battery Safe

Your vape device batteries are not like the typical AA or AAA batteries for your remote control. They're pretty powerful…

7 months ago

CenturionPro Announces New Mini Buckers for Hemp Harvests

CenturionPro, the leading manufacturer of elite hemp and cannabis harvesting solutions, released its latest innovation, the CenturionPro Mini Buckers.

8 months ago

Best Pre-Roll Machines for Commercial Joint Production

Finding the best pre-roll machines for your business may take some research, and the experts at Kustom Kones are here…

8 months ago

Why is temperature control important to the cannabis industry?

We reached out to President of Summit Industries Elliot Kremerman to discuss the need for quality temperature control in the…

9 months ago

CliqueMJ Disrupting Cannabis Industry with Customer Retention App

A new app-based program from CliqueMJ was designed to help dispensaries build loyalty with customers, boosting profits and community engagement.

9 months ago

Cannabis’ Innovative Technology Keeps Moving Up

Cannabis and innovation go hand-in-hand. From growing to packaging technology, consuming to creating, cannabis influences many innovative ideas. Innovation in…

10 months ago

HAL Extraction Offers Newer Product Lines to Boost Industry Standards

This company is driven to create improved and compliant solutions to reduce the risks of catastrophic fires or explosions possible…

10 months ago

Industry’s Only Virtual Reality Event Showcases Sustainability, Science

More dancing, more content, and more giveaways happened on Day Two of the Spring Emerge 2021 Virtual Cannabis Conference &…

10 months ago

What is a Virtual Conference? Inside Day One of Spring Emerge 2021

Dance-offs, giveaways, inspiring content, and an immersive virtual reality world filled with friends and colleagues filled day one of the…

10 months ago

Top 5 Portable Vaporizers for 2021

The cannabis community loves portable vaporizers. People appreciate the ability to discreetly take their medication or just elevate their day…

10 months ago