The Cannabis Industry’s Growing Threat of Business Email Compromise

Every day in cannabis there are new, well-publicized developments. New hires made, new mergers finalized, new relationships forged, and new…

2 months ago

Cannabis Track-and-Trace & Data Breaches: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

There is no sensible rationale for prohibiting licensees from doing cannabis business based on the criminal activity of hackers.

1 year ago

How Artificial Intelligence is Being Applied to Cannabis Security

With compliance and security concerns specific to the cannabis industry, artificial intelligence may be the key to improved cybersecurity strategies.

2 years ago

Data Security & Cannabis: What You Need to Know

With 1,244 company data breaches in 2018, the cannabis industry needs to take a hard look at data security. Here…

2 years ago

How Cannabis Companies Can Utilize Biometric Identification

As the cannabis industry matures, business owners are adopting biometric identification for security purposes.

3 years ago

How Cannabis Companies Can Utilize Mobile Surveillance

While mobile surveillance is not required for the transport of cannabis products according to most compliance standards, they can still…

3 years ago

Applied DNA Sciences: Innovations in Molecular Cannabis Tagging

John Shearman, Executive Director, Marketing of Applied DNA Sciences, showed us the new POD tagging system and helped explain CertainT.

3 years ago

Can Drone Security Assist the Cannabis Industry?

For outdoor cultivation operations, drone security technology offers perks for businesses looking to augment their security protocols.

3 years ago