More Research Links Cannabis to Treatment for Novel Coronavirus

Compounds found in cannabis prevented the novel coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, from penetrating healthy human cells. The findings…

4 days ago

Can Cannabis Ease Chronic Itch?

Medical marijuana (cannabis) may offer a promising option for patients with chronic itch, according to a new case study. Chronic…

3 weeks ago

Elias Theodorou is First Professional Athlete to Compete in U.S. With Medical Cannabis Exemption

Elias Theodorou, MMA fighter and medical cannabis advocate, will be competing with an exemption for the use of medical cannabis.…

2 months ago

How Cannabis is Impacting Modern Medicine

What you need to know about the changing global mindset when it comes to medical marijuana, and how the acceptance…

3 months ago

Why is Cannabis Use Gaining Traction With Pro Athletes?

Some say cannabis has therapeutic potential for athletes; others say it's okay because it doesn't affect athletic performance. But what…

4 months ago

Can Medical Marijuana Help Those Suffering From Eating Disorders?

It may be easy to eat with marijuana, but how do you solve the guilt or depression that soon follows?

4 months ago

How To Pick the Right Dosage of CBD Softgels

Whether you are looking to start using CBD softgels or you are just curious about them, this article should serve…

8 months ago

CBD Salve for Pain: Health Benefits, Uses, and Effects

Sponsored Content A CBD salve is a cream made to heal and benefit your skin and body. The salve is…

8 months ago

CBD 101: Creams and Topicals for Skin Conditions

Those suffering from chronic pain caused by skin conditions may want to consider CBD topicals as a possible treatment. Here…

10 months ago

Why is Cannabis So Popular?

Don't get the hype about cannabis? Let's dive into the versatile nature of the cannabis plant and you'll soon see…

10 months ago

Help May Be on the Horizon for CBD and Pets

The current landscape is fuzzy when it comes to CBD for pets. Two veterinary experts weigh in on the future…

10 months ago

Losing Control Over Depression? CBD Could Help.

Depression is an increasingly common health concern. People have often refrained from talking about depression due to the stigma around…

10 months ago

Could Lesser-Known Cannabinoids be the Future of Cannabis?

Could lesser-known cannabinoids be the future of the marijuana marketplace? Cannabis & Tech Today aims to find out.

11 months ago

COVID-19 Anxiety Drives Cannabis Use Across America

Coronavirus cases spike in Florida and Arizona, along with cannabis sales. In troubled times, anxiety is a leading factor for…

1 year ago

Finding Pain Relief with CBD Isolate Gummies

If you're interested in experimenting with CBD gummies, we've come up with the answers to all the possible newbie's questions.

1 year ago

The Benefits of Adding Hemp Seeds To Your Daily Diet

Hemp seeds are a superfood loaded with a high concentration of beneficial minerals and vitamins that are a healthy addition…

1 year ago

“Magical Mushroom” Psilocybin May Help With Clinical Depression

Cybin Corporation, a mushroom-based life-sciences company, is one of several companies pursuing psilocybin treatments.

1 year ago

What Are Some Common Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD has recently be praised as a "miracle drug." However, even though it is holistic and safe, CBD does have…

1 year ago

Cannabis-Users Require More Anesthesia During Surgery

Research shows that cannabis users require more anesthesia during surgery than non-users and use higher amounts of opioids during recovery…

1 year ago

Cannabis and Sleep: Here’s What You Need to Know

Can't sleep? Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in the world. To conquer sleep disorders, there is a growing…

1 year ago