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Cannabis Industry’s Only VR Event Praised by High Times Magazine

The concept of time during the pandemic is almost nonexistent, like you’re stuck in the movie GroundHog Day, with weeks quickly blending into months until you look at your calendar and realize it’s almost been a whole year since shutdown.

A lot has changed since March of last year, especially for our company, Innovative Properties Worldwide

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, we’ve had to pivot and envision creative ways to adapt to our new socially-distanced world.

We acknowledged the fact that cannabis flourishes in a sociable environment, strengthening communities, and sparking debate, so we created a place where the plant can live to its true potential — just from behind a computer screen.

That’s how our Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo was born. 

Debuting Sept 8 – Sept 10 2020, Emerge was the first (and still the only) virtual reality conference in the cannabis industry.

Since our initial launch, we’ve initiated 19,000 conversations amongst attendees, showcased 120 exhibitors, and featured notorious celebrities within the cannabis space, such as Jim Belushi, Kim Kovacs, David Crosby, Wanda James, Berner, and more.

It’s a new era of cannabis, and the publicity our event has attracted showcases the ongoing desire for a new, convenient form of networking and education. 

In fact, our historic three-day event caught the attention of High Times writer Nicole Potter, who highlighted Emerge in her multi-page spread of “Level Up with Tech.”

Potter spoke with Cannabis & Tech Today Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner about how Emerge is setting the example for a successful virtual-reality solution for the busy consumer. 

“With what we have to offer is, it’s open for 90 days for people to go in there and do business, meet face-to-face, a lot of things they can’t do right now because it’s COVID,” said Warner in his interview with High Times. “It’s really like an e-commerce platform with the content being accessible for the whole 90 days – you know, if people miss it or whatever.” 

This pandemic has taught us that working from home may be preferred by a lot of workers even after quarantine ends.

Having the ability to work remotely allows for a happier work life, more balance between home and work, increased productivity, and better time management.

In a survey from FlexJobs, 51 percent of respondents said they are more productive working at home due to fewer interruptions and quiet work environments. 

As such, many people could benefit from a virtual conference rather than an in-person event, as they’re able to network and gain exposure with a clear mindset and fewer distractions from a crowded auditorium.

Plus, you would save a lot of money on travel and hotel fees by creating an Emerge avatar in the comfort of your home.

Even when the world regains a sense of normalcy, Emerge will continue to be a sustainable solution to unite the cannabis community. 

Our upcoming Spring Emerge 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo, focused on cultivation and sustainability, will be held March 30 – April 1.

Attendees will have the chance to watch riveting panels from influential members of the cannabis community, exchange business cards (15,000 business cards were exchanged during September Emerge), and gain business exposure without even having to leave the house.

Learn more about our virtual conference on our website and see for yourself what put Emerge on High Time’s radar. 

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