Braingrid’s Michael Kadonoff On The Barriers Facing Cultivators

Providing solutions for data and energy within the cannabis space, Toronto-based company BrainGrid hosts an innovative data management system and specialized sensor system. These factors help the company analyze important stats as well as increase sustainability within the industry. In this exclusive interview snippet, Braingrid Founder and CEO Michael Kadonoff reveals his thoughts on the issues facing modern cultivators and the importance of cannabis events.   

Cannabis & Tech Today: What’s currently holding back cannabis cultivators?

Michael Kadonoff: The cannabis growers of yesteryear were Hell’s Angels. They were basement growers. The problem is that they’re being asked to take that same process and put it into a million square feet. And they can’t.

You can’t walk a million square feet in a week let alone a day. So, you need more eyes on the process. They also don’t have the language. It’s like a marriage, a funny marriage, between hippies and billionaires. You have to give them a way to talk to each other.

Braingrid Founder/CEO Michael Kadonoff

C&T Today: How important are cannabis-related events for the industry as a whole?

MK: There’s a lot of benefits. One is obviously awareness. We’re seeing events go from hippies and people just selling to one another, which is silly, to suits that have genuine business interests. That have the ability to help these other businesses scale or take their businesses to scale. We’re seeing these events help existing agricultural companies enter a new fold.

This is a gold rush fund. And there’s a lot of froth and a lot of turnover, but what we’re going to find after the consolidation is all done is that these conventions are just going to look like any other business convention, like in nutraceuticals or cars.

C&T Today: How do you see Braingrid developing in the next few years?

MK: We’re not a hardware company. Yeah, it’s cool, I get that, but it’s not what we do. What we sell is a tool. What we really are is a data company. We’re an intelligence company. And although cannabis is a very good industry, from a segmentation standpoint, we’re definitely going to branch up on cannabis. But we also want to touch on the other elements, what I call non-sustainability. I think that’s an ugly word believe it or not. I believe prosperity is the correct word. We’ve got to create more prosperity from this planet and its gonna come in the form of food, water, medicines and energy. Clean and simple. That’s it.


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Featured image courtesy of Pixabay user geralt


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