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7/10 Explained and How One Brand Marks The Big Day

Most people who are familiar with cannabis culture recognize and celebrate “4/20,” either due to its documented history or via the urban legends surrounding it. The number “420” has deeply embedded roots in the cannabis community, but a newer cannabis holiday is gaining traction with cannabis manufacturers –  7/10, also known as Oil Day or Dab Day.

What Is 7/10?

“7/10” is the number and date associated with cannabis oils and extracts because in the early days of alphanumeric texting someone realized that typing the number 710 and turning it upside down, resembles the word “OIL.” This code was then popularized initially via texting to refer to cannabis oils, and extracts, especially for dabbing,  

New Product Drop

Since it is legal for adults 21 and older to possess up to three ounces of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concentrated cannabis outside their homes for personal use in New York State, Cannabis and Tech Today visited state-legal owned and operated cannabis farm, MFNY in New York’s Hudson Valley to check out the farm’s debut concentrate-based drop just in time for OIL Day. 

MFNY stands for either Marijuana Farm New York or Muthaf-ckin’ New York, depending on whom is describing the company. The placement of the lowercase f in the logo looks particularly suggestive, thanks to Co-Founder and British ex-pat Jules Ehrhardt’s creative team, FKTRY.

The farm focuses on mainly concentrates. Current New York State regulations do not allow the farm to utilize much of their potential outdoor growing space, but the company hopes to scale as the regulations evolve. 

In the meantime, MFNY makes a variety of extracts using two methods, butane and solventless. The latter is known colloquially as ice water hash, or bubble hash. While currently legal in New York, butane extraction is banned in Colorado. The company claims that their proprietary method of repetitive sub-zero butane extraction removes the majority of the solvent and filters out plant detritus.  

“We decided to do our second BagelHole™ drop just in time for OIL Day as a treat for our loyal customers,” said Natalia Kaminskaya, Head of Brand/Marketing at MFNY.  “OIL Day isn’t just about dabbing. It’s a celebration of cannabis oils and extracts, so we wanted to put out special products that showcases how flower and quality oil can be inseparable and connected. One cannot exist without the other.” 

Bagelhole by MFNY

BagelHole™, i.e., Sunset Runtz with Lemon Cane Live Rosin will drop today. BagelHole™ is similar to Hash Holes, also referred to as Donut Holes, Snake Holes, or Wormholes. These ample and potent pre-rolls boast two grams of premium MFNY Sunset Runtz flower –not shake– in a hand-made XL pre-roll with a half of a gram cylinder-shaped roll of premium Lemon Cane Live Rosin extract down the center, similar to cream cheese inside of a freshly baked bagel. 

Having Lemon Cane Live Rosin extract inside this pre-roll results in a higher level of potency, natural flavors, and enticing citrus aromas enhanced by sweetness produced by the Sunset Runtz cultivar to bring an even more flavorful, euphoric, and creative experience. 

The packaging features an updated sci-fi movie poster design. There are two different packages featuring dark skies for live rosin and light skies for live resin core pre-rolls. 

For the purists and dabbers doing it up for OIL Day, MFNY also recently dropped a concentrate collab with PuffCo. 

Have a favorite extract or concentrate for OIL Day? Let us know!

Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash


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