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Your Gratuitous 420 Post! Products, Events, and More for Cannabis Connoisseurs

Once a year, the cannabis community comes together to rejoice in all things marijuana. This 420, there are more products and events than ever and we’re bringing some of our favorites straight to you.

While this unofficial holiday has been increasing illicit sales for decades, this year sets a new precedent for legal sales. Intelligence gathered by Akerna estimates upward of $95,000,000 in retail cannabis sales for 2021’s April 20 celebrations.

In honor of this most noble of days, we’ve compiled some exciting products and events to expand your horizons and enhance your appreciation.

Innovative Cannabis Products to Elevate Your 420

Summerland’s “Stonerware” pieces are handmade in California and feature some super fun designs.

Have you ever smoked out of an apple? I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia for the sweet taste of apple core and smoke, or just an appreciation for the deceptively simple design, but I’m digging their Fruit Fantasy apple pipe.

Stonerware by Summerland in sustainable ceramic.

Kin Slips’ sublingual strips are a discreet way to microdose. Choose between 5mg or 10 mg slips and a variety of flavors and formulations.

These consistent, all natural, under-the-tongue products are vegan friendly and start working in about ten minutes.

What better way to celebrate this momentous holiday than trying an innovative new delivery method?

Slip one under your tongue for fast-acting effects.

Ride a wave of satisfaction with this little beauty, the Wave Bubbler by GRAV.

It fits easily in your hand and delivers a smooth, crisp smoke in a stylish package.

Does it look slightly phallic? Sure! But what’s wrong with wrapping your lips around a provocative piece of smoking paraphernalia?

Packing a punch at 6.5 inches tall, you’ll agree it’s not the size that counts, but the motion of the ocean.

GRAV’s product lines continue to impress with this playful ocean-inspired design.

Want to really enhance your connection to cannabis? Celebrate 420 and Earth Day by growing your own pot plant.

Old Pal is selling a home-grow autoflowering kit with the help of Ladybug Farms. They’re offering 28- to 40-day-old Tri-Cross hybrids at select California dispensaries.

Each plant is lovingly potted in a decorated one-gallon container so novice growers don’t need to worry about transplanting. In a month to six weeks, you’ll have your very own buds to harvest!

While there are no guarantees, because not everyone was born with a green thumb, well-tended plants can yield up to an ounce of homegrown flower.

Celebrate 420 with the Old Pal “Grow Your Own” Cannabis Plant.

For those who prefer instant gratification (and really, who doesn’t?), Wana Quick are the edibles for you.

These fast-acting gummies activate in 5-15 minutes. These 5mg vegan and gluten-free delights are available in Pina Colada, Strawberry Margarita, and Sativa Peach Bellini.

Check out Wana’s #4ward20 activities, celebrating essential workers and social justice, and feel good about your purchases.

Elevate your day with a fast-acting edible from Wana Brands, now available in multiple states.

Join the Cannabis Community for 420 Events

Celebrate 4/20 and Earth Day with sustainability content, special guests, and the most immersive virtual smoke sessions around.

The industry’s only virtual reality cannabis platform is hosting a Re-Emerge celebration from 8:30-4:20 PT.

Ticket holders from the Spring Emerge 2020 Conference can login to view fresh new content and catch up on any sessions they missed during the spring show. Newcomers can purchase a Summer Emerge ticket for access to the 420 event, spring content, and the upcoming summer event.

Join Berner — renowned rapper, CEO of COOKIES, and cover of the Cannabis & Tech Today spring issue — to learn about about his new project, the Couch Locked Network, and  his own 420 holiday plans.

With Earth Day just around the corner, the event is curating all their sustainability content into one extra-green holiday celebration. 

Grab your favorite COOKIES strain and let the good times roll with Berner and his comedy crew.

Couch Locked: a 420 Comedy Show hosted by Berner is airing via pay-per-view on

Berner will chat about his aspirational new comedy network “Couch Locked,” which will showcase “good vibes” content, comedy, movies, and content selected especially for the cannabis crowd.

The pay-per-view event will feature live performances from comedians Michael Blackson, Paul Rodriguez, Cipha Sounds, Bob Sagett, Teddy Ray, and more.

You won’t want to miss a night of laughter, cannabis, and fun with some of the best names in 420 comedy.

Weedmaps is hosting their “Even Higher Together” livestream hosted by Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, and several other entertainers.

The event will showcase live performances, cooking demonstrations, and a session on social justice presented by the Last Prisoner Project.

Viewers can tune in at 1:00 p.m. PDT by visiting



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